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Buxom Bunny Is Back!!!

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on June 17, 2010

Years ago I ordered a limited edition 4 piece mini Buxom lipgloss set from Bare Escentuals.  I had already been a fan of the Buxom line, bit little did I know that I was about to find one of my absolute favorite shades of lipgloss of all time.  Bunny was a gorgeous light pink.  It had just the right amount of pink color to give my lips a natural glow.  I was still in grad school at the time, so Bunny became my school bag gloss.  I had it with me at all times.  But my love affair quickly came to an end when I discovered that Bunny was not available as a full size product. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Of course, when I found this out every online site that you can think of was out of this limited edition set.  I lucked out and got the last one at a brick and morter Sephora store.  I quickly became like Elaine on Seinfeld with the Today’s Sponge and began rationing my Bunny gloss.  Was this outing worthy of Bunny?  Was it Bunny-worthy?  It was rediculous.  I made that mini tube of Bunny Buxom lipgloss last a little over a year.

Imagine my delight when while browsing a few weeks ago I see that a few “new” shades had been added to the Buxom line.  And what did I see six spots down on the list…BUNNY!!!  I literally yelled out “Oh my God!”  Finally!  My Bunny had returned.  The perfect pink shade of lipgloss can now be owned as a full-sized product.

I am a huge fan of the Bare Escentuals Buxom lipgloss line.  The glosses are not too sticky, the color coverage is just right, and I love the tingling feeling on your lips.  I don’t believe that “lip plumping” glosses really plump the lips all that much, but the tingling feeling, for me at least, makes me feel like I’m pouting out my lips a little more than usual (does that make any sense?).  If you are not a fan of the tingle that lip plumpers give then this may not be the gloss for you, although I think this is one of the more subtle tingle glosses out there.

Sephora says that Bunny is new and “only at Sephora,” but I received an email from that stated it’s available there as well.  Is anyone else out there as crazy for Bunny Buxom as I am?


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