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Top Five Thursdays – Bare Escentuals Glimmers

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on July 1, 2010

Happy Thursday!  Just one more day until the weekend.  Thursdays at are Top Five Thursdays.  Every week I’m going to put up a top five list of my favorite beauty products, cosmetics lines, skin care products, eye shadow colors…you get the picture.  These lists are based on my own humble opinion based on my experiences trying tons and tons of beauty products over the years.  So here we go!  I present my Top Five Bare Escentuals Glimmers Eye Shadows.

1.  Nude Beach – This is without a doubt my quintessential neutral eye color.  It is so versitile and can be used as a base for so many looks.  The official description of Nude Beach is that it is a “light warm sand” and that description sums it up quite well but I would probably throw the word “champagne” in there too.  The beigey-brown shade serves to simply enhance your natural color.  Use it as a base to create a natural smoky eye with another shade of brown.  Apply it wet to get a more frosty look.  Given that this is a Glimmer, it has just the right amount of shimmer to it to be eye-catching.  Nude Beach is one of Bare Escentuals m0st popular eye colors.  So popular in fact that they sometimes offer Nude Beach is a special giant size container.

2.  Soul Sister –  Purple is one of those eye shadow colors that works no matter what your eye color is.  It always seems to make your eyes pop.  Soul Sister is a gorgeous purple that makes my blue eyes look bluer than I’ve ever seen.  Officially described as a “lilac silk,” I actually think this would fall a little more into the grape or plum category.  It’s not a scary, clownish purple, but it is a little darker than lilac.  I love love love using this as the crease color for a smoky eye when paired with a gray tone.  Applied wet, Soul Sister is a gorgeous metallic plum.

3.  Soiree –  A shade that may or may not have been Soiree is actually what got me into Bare Escentuals.  Let me explain.  Years ago when I was in high school I was cruising around AOL (hey, it was the mid 90s!) and came across Bare Escentuals.  They were giving out free samples of something.  It didn’t say what, just that they would send out a free sample.  So of course I requested one.  A few weeks later I received a full size shadow pot with a scary looking dark green powder (note that this is way before Bare Escentuals was as well known as it is today, before the days of blogs, and before stores like Ulta and Sephora had popped up everywhere so I didn’t know what the shade was).  There wasn’t a label on it so I wasn’t sure what the name of the shade even was.  Truthfully, had I not been sent this dark green shadow it probably would have been years before I would have been adventurous enough to give it a try.  I lightly brushed this Oscar the Grouch like color on my eyes and quickly fell in love.  The green was so sheer that any scariness had been brushed away.  It was gorgeous.  The day I wore it I received six compliments about the shade.  It was because of that experience that my obsession with Bare Escentuals began.  Since the sample didn’t have a name on it, I’ve had to compare shades to try and find which one I had received.  Soiree is as close as it gets.  Officially described as a “golden spruce,” it definately has a subtle golden shimmer to it, but applied I think this is more of an olive color than a spruce.

4.  Liberty – If you ask me, blue eye shadow seems to have the largest color spectrum, and thus offers the most opportunities to go wrong.  You can go from 1980s frosted blue to a navy so dark that you look like you have a black eye.  So you have to take the time to look for the middle ground and find that perfect shade of blue.  Liberty is one of my all time favorite blue eye shadows.  Officially described as a “medium blue” it is just that.  It is a medium blue with hints of gray.  It has a silver shimmer to it.  I usually combine this with a silver shadow like Platinum.  Funny story about Liberty – Back in the day, my sister actually stole my container of Liberty.  She of course denied it and wouldn’t give it back so I took the tv from her room and hid it in the garage until she gave it back.

5.  Drama – Another brown on this list!?!?  I always make fun of my BFF because about 90% of her wardrobe is brown so I’m sure she would get on my case about having two shades of brown out of five.  Drama actually became a Nude Beach substitute for me after I accidentally dropped my Nude Beach into the toilet.  I went to Ulta and of course Nude Beach was sold out.  So I decided to give Drama a try.  Drama is officially described as a “golden brown” and I think that is totally generic.  Depending on the lighting, Drama is seen as a taupe, a dark brown, or a smokey gray.  Layered with other colors, Drama creates amazing depth.  If you want to create a brown smokey eye, definately reach of Drama.  You will receive tons of compliments.

So there you have it, my top five Bare Escentuals Glimmers Eye Shadows at the moment.  What do you think?  Did I leave out your favorite longwear Bare Minerals Glimmers?  Do you hate one of my top fives?  Got an idea for the next Top Five Thursday?  Leave a comment and let me know!


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