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Stila Girl Travel Palettes – Trendsetting In Tokyo

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 7, 2010

***Stila Girl Travel Palette – Trendsetting In Tokyo has been officially released and is now available on See my updated post!***

Stila has introduced a series of palettes called Stila Girl Travel Palettes. A new limited edition palette will be introduced each month through November based on one of the five Stila Girl’s travels. Each Travel Palette will feature four eye shadows and one convertible color. And the best part…Each palette will only cost $10!!! I mean, you can’t even get four eye shadows and a convertible color for $10 at a drugstore! The price is ridiculous (in a good way). The third palette, Trendsetting In Tokyo, has already been released on

Trendsetting In Tokyo is inspired by a Stila Girl’s trip to Tokyo. It features eye shadows in Sake (beige shimmer), Kawai (pink shimmer), Shibuya (blue shimmer), and Peace Sign (black shimmer) and Convertible Color in Sakura.  Unlike Pretty In Paris, I’m excited about this palette.  I’m loving that there are some bolder colors in this palette and I’m loving that they are shimmer shades.  Stila did a fabulous job in selecting colors for this palette that scream Tokyo.  They definately make me think of the vibrant lights, parties, and animation that you think about when you hear “Tokyo.”  I think you’re going to be able to create a lot of different looks given the fact that all of the shades are very different from each other (unlike Pretty In Paris which was just an onslaught of brown, if you ask me). If you haven’t used Stila eye shadows before, they are buildable. By that I mean, you can apply them lightly for a sheerer look or layer them for a bolder look.

Now, if you’re absolutely jonesing for Trendsetting In Tokyo and want it right now from, be prepared because shipping is going to run you $10!!! That’s even more rediculous than the $7.95 that  Sorry Urban Outfitters, you’re crazy if you think I’m essentially going to pay double for Trendsetting In Tokyo.  It won’t be too long before you will be able to get Trendsetting In Tokyo directly from Stila and Sephora.  Oh, and I’ve looked around to see if I could find a coupon code for free shipping or something at Urban Outfitters, but sadly there are none to be found.  Feel free to post if anyone finds something!


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  1. connie said

    if you use the coupon codes FALLFORIT and CLASSACT at urban, you can get free standard shipping and 10% off. it comes out to 9.65 (after tax) shipped ❤

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