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Philosophy Your Best Skin 3 Piece Skincare Classics Collection

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 12, 2010

If you’re a Philosophy girl you probably already know that Philosophy has a few shows on QVC today.  No Today’s Special Value, but they do have a great “Try Me” priced item.  The Philosophy Your Best Skin 3 Piece Skincare Classics Collection is priced at $29.96.  In this kit you receive:

  • 4 fl oz purity made simple one-step facial cleanser
  • 4 fl oz microdelivery micro-massage exfoliating wash
  • 1-oz microdelivery vitamin c/peptide crystals
  • 1 fl oz microdelivery activating gel

    Yes, four products are listed.  I guess one of the products is supposed to be considered a free sample.  Why?  I have no idea.  Seems that they could have just said this is a four piece collection but whatever. 

    Let me just tell you, Philosophy is my everyday skincare regimine.  I’ve been using it for years.  While I have always been blessed with good skin my Sweetie was not.  When we first met he was using soap to wash his face!  SOAP!!!  I guess I shouldn’t be suprised since he is a guy and all.  He was suffering from breakouts and redness.  I switched him to Purity Made Simple as soon as he was convinced it was okay for a guy to use and his face cleared up almost immediately.  He’s been a loyal follower ever since.

    If you haven’t tried Philosophy’s skincare line but have always wanted to, this is a great kit to start with.  Especially since it is priced so low.  I should also add that I use the Purity Made Simple with my Clarisonic and it works beautifully…just in case you’re a Clarisonic user.  Also, remember that with QVC you get a 30 day return period.  You can return the product even if you’ve used it.  So really you have nothing to lose.


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