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Lucky Magazine Photoshops Curve-Loving Jessica Simpson

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 13, 2010

Lucky Magazine and Jessica Simpson are under fire as accusations of photoshopping the current cover image as well as the photos accompanying the story have been floating around.  I came across this story here.  Any beauty/fashion magazine reader should know that Jessica has been pretty vocal lately about true beauty and accepting women for the way they are naturally.  She even mentions being accepting of her curves in this issue of Lucky!  You know, I want to ask, “Haven’t these magazines learned their lesson about the negative perception by consumers of photoshopping photos?”  But then I have to wonder, is this over-photoshopping craze really just more of a publicity stunt?  Lucky Magazine is all over the internet right now, being looked at and analyzed by tons and tons of people.   This is probably the most publicity and face time Lucky Magazine has received in awhile.  Was that their ultimate goal?  And then how much say-so does the celebrity have in these issues?  What do you guys think?  You can see pictures and info of Jessica Simpson from this issue of Lucky at their website. You can also see what kind of comments are being left for Lucky there as well.


One Response to “Lucky Magazine Photoshops Curve-Loving Jessica Simpson”

  1. I am jealous of Jessica Simpson. What a sexy boyfriend she’s got. I wish I am as perfect as her with beautiful face and sexy body.

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