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WTF? Hilary Duff’s Wedding Hair

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 19, 2010

I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to Hilary Duff. I was too old to be a Lizzie McGuire fan and it seems that most of her movies have been of the teeny-bopper variety and so I have not seen any of them. So as the internet gossip sites were abuzz with news of her weekend wedding, I could care less. But this morning, as I logged on to the internet I was greeted with the first official pictures from Hilary Duff’s wedding courtesy of OK Magazine. All I can say is what the hell is up with Hilary Duff’s hair-do? Now I know that celebrities are always getting all dolled up and thus when it’s time for their wedding they don’t have that “one chance to feel like a princess” feeling that many brides experience, but is this seriously the hair-do that Hilary would associate with her big day?  Her hair is simply pulled up in a loose looking bun.  It’s not even a slick and sophisticated bun, it’s a messy “does anyone have an extra ponytail holder so I can quickly toss up my hair” kind of bun.  As I type this post this morning, I have the very same hair-do going on. That is how I wear my hair to bed every night…quickly tossed up in a bun-esque look to prevent kinks and tangles.  You can go to OK Magazine’s website for more exclusive pictures of Hilary’s big bun day.  What do you think about Hilary’s hair-do?  Is it a hair-don’t?  Am I just too critical and opinionated?


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