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Diane Von Furstenberg Presents…Hospital Gowns?!?!

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 25, 2010

Ugly hospital gowns may soon be a thing of a past.  Diane Von Furstenberg has teamed up with the Cleveland Clinic to create a new more fashionable hospital gown that is also more functional than the traditional “Johnny Gown” loathed by most hospital patients.  The DVF hospital gown features an elastic waistband, a wrap-around closure, and a wider v-neck.  Apparently, this pilot program has been pretty well received by most of the patients.  The male patients, however, think the gowns are a little feminine.  Looking at the picture provided by the Cleveland Clinic, I can see their point.  The male patients totally looks like he is wearing a dress!  You can read the whole article here.

I think the gowns are pretty stylish looking for hospital gowns.  Luckily, I have yet to be a patient in a hospital so I haven’t had to wear the nasty gowns that are currently available for patients.  But I know that if I was given the choice I would pick this DVF gown in a heartbeat. 

After reading this article it makes me think, wouldn’t this make a great Project Runway challenge?  I mean, they have already redone things like Post Office uniforms, why not take on hospital gowns!  I can only imagine some of the things the designers would come up with.


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