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Oh My God, Oh My God, Oh My God…Bobbi Brown at Sephora!!!

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on September 15, 2010

Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God…I was just browsing at and what do I see in the drop down menu of brands…BOBBI BROWN!!!  I can’t believe it.  Let me just tell you, this is the best beauty news I’ve heard lately.  I am a huge lover of Bobbi Brown products, however, I am not a lover of Bobbi Brown prices.  I’m lucky in that I have had tremendous luck picking up Bobbi Brown products at The Cosmetics Company Store at many an outlet mall.  Now that Bobbi products will be available at Sephora, we’ll be able to take advantage of Sephora sales like the annual 20% off Friends and Family Sale.  Not to mention that I love the fact that I will no be able to check out Bobbi Brown products without having a sales person at a cosmetics counter hovering over me trying to persuade me to spend my next year’s salary on products.


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