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Smashbox Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss Benefitting The BCRF

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on September 20, 2010

Hey everyone.  Sorry, no Budget Beauty Monday post today.  I had planned on picking up something to test out this weekend, but then my Sweetie got sick this weekend and threw a wrench into all of the plans.  I swear, what is it with guys and acting like they are knocking on death’s door whenever they get a little cold?  Anyways, while I don’t have a new budget beauty post for you, I do have a new Breast Cancer Awareness Month product for you.

Smashbox is offering their Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss in Forever for $21 with all proceeds from today thru the month of October being donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Forever is not a new shade, however, it will be housed in a special edition BCA Pink Ribbon box for this promotion.  The Forever shade is a beautiful shimmering light pink.

At first I was like, “What the hell?  Why are just repacking an old shade?”  But after I thought about it I realized that it’s nice that the shade will always be available.  No need to worry that you’ll fall in love with the shade only to find that it was a limited edition, never to be seen again.

The Forever Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss Benefitting The BCRF is currently available at Smashbox is currently offering Free Shipping with any order.  Sephora also has Smashbox Limitless Long Wear glosses including Forever, but there is no mention about proceeds benefitting the BCRF, although that may change once October rolls around.


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