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Bare Minerals Big, Bright & Brilliant Holiday 2010

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on September 29, 2010

Hey girls.  I’ve got more Bare Escentuals for you!  This one is another collection of eyeliners.  Bare Minerals Big, Bright & Brilliant is a collection of 3 mini Big & Bright eyeliners.  The colors featured in the set include Black Gold (antique gold), Black Diamond (black sheen), and Midnight Moon (navy shimmer).

BE claims that Big & Bright Eyeliner “visually enhances the whites of your eyes, so eyes look whiter, brighter and more brilliant instantly.”  I definitely think my eyes look bigger and brighter when using BE Big & Bright but no more so than using other eyeliners.  I think that anytime you use eyeliner your eyes are going to pop, thus making them look and bigger and brighter, but that’s just my opinion.

Bare Mineral Big & Bright Eyeliner is pretty awesome.  It is very creamy and glides on your lids.  It lasts all day and the colors are all very pretty.  I more than recommend Big & Bright Eyeliner, however, I think I am going to be passing on this kit.  Since I am definitely going to order BE Shimmer & Shine I will be receiving a Big & Bright Eyeliner in that kit.  As you know, I recently picked up the Girlfriend Collection as well as a Big & Bright Duo from QVC.   Oh, and I already ordered Beyond Gorgeous and I’ll be getting a Big & Bright liner in there too. That gives me 5 full sized Big & Bright Eyeliners so I just don’t need anymore…right now.  Not to mention, my heart is set on the Buxom Really Good Lines eyeliner kit.  But I still love Big & Bright!

Big, Bright & Brilliant is available on at a price of $20 with a $24 value. Not much of a savings but at least it’s something, right?

Will you be getting Big, Bright, & Brilliant? Are you a fan of Big & Bright Eyeliner? Leave a comment and let us know!


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