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LORAC Box Office Sensation

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 5, 2010

Years ago, LORAC seemed to burst onto the beauty scene with their cult following Lip Polishes.  I loved their Lip Polishes, but I always thought that the unsung hero from LORAC was their eye shadow.  I came across LORAC eye shadows out of sheer luck.  I was looking for a specific shade of green and couldn’t find what I wanted from the brands that I already loved.  I happened to be looking at the Lip Polishes from LORAC when I noticed the green shade I was looking for amongst their shadows.  Thank God for that because I was introduced to some pretty kick ass eye shadows.

I am super excited to talk about LORAC’s latest palette because it is filled to the brim with eye shadow!  LORAC introduces Box Office Sensation; a mirrored train case packed with 39 eye shadows, 9 lipglosses, 3 blushes, and a bronzer.  The shades/colors of the items are not listed, but looking at the picture of Box Office Sensation it appears to cover a decent range of shades.

LORAC glosses and blushes are great too, but buy Box Office Sensation for the eye shadows if nothing else!  They are packed full of pigment, they go on so soft, and they last all day.  They are gorgeous!

Box Office Sensation is a limited edition palette that retails for $56 with a value of $660!!! Now that is a value! The break down comes out to just over $1 per item…absolute crazyness.

Have you tried LORAC eye shadows? Lusting after Box Office Sensation? Leave a comment and let us know!


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