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Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 10, 2010

Items from Bobbi Brown’s Holiday 2010 collection are beginning to pop up everywhere.  Even more surprisingly, a few deals have popped up as well.

QVC is offering Event Pricing on select new items this Columbus Day weekend.  One of these items is the brand new Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad.  The Sparkle Glamour Quad is a beautiful palette featuring four neutral glimmer shades.  The shades include Pink Glitter (light crystal pink), Smokey (deep gray), Moonlight (light silver), and Sandy (warm golden beige).   The shadows contain micro-glitter, so they are not teeny-bopper glittery.  It’s definitely a more elegant sparkle.  The retail price is $40, but the QVC Event Price is $34.40.

These shadows are soft shadows, so handle with care.  Anyone who is heavy-handed when trying to get product on an applicator should be especially cautious (don’t worry, we’ve always been heavy-handed at sometime).  Also, butterfingers should be careful not to drop the palette.  The make-up artist at the Bobbi Brown counter that I spoke to said that one of the make-up artists accidentally dropped a handful of the quads and the shadows in all of them broke up and crumbled.

Personally, I think the shadows in the Sparkle Glamour Quad are best applied with some sort of sponge applicator.  A brush applicator tended to lead to fallout.

I tested the Sparkle Glamour Quad out at the Bobbi Brown counter in a Nordstrom’s while on vacation this past week.  The bad thing is that I only had my iPhone on me and the pictures were absolutely horrible due to the low lighting in the store.  One of the reasons that the shadows were hard to pick up in the photo is the fact that these are incredibly sheer, especially the two lighter shades.  I had to add multiple layers to get the color to really show.  I guess that’s both a good and a bad thing.  If you are someone who likes a bolder color, you may run through this palette rather quickly.  Also, although the shades in this palette are listed as a pink, gray, silver, and beige, I don’t think they really come across as such.  All of the shades seem to have some sort of brown tinge to them.

The Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad is a beautiful neutral palette that we would expect from Bobbi.  If you pick it up, I’m sure you’ll use it not only for the holidays, but for those everyday events too.  It really is gorgeous.  My only concern is that the price is a little high for me, especially given the fact that you need to apply multiple layers to see the color.  Also, everyone knows that I am completely overloaded on neutral beige shades right now.  This is on my maybe list.

What are your thoughts on the Bobbi Brown Sparkle Glamour Quad?  Want it?  Undecided?


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