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Bare Escentuals Customizable Eye Case With Mini Mirror With A High Shine Eye Color Review

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 12, 2010

Okay, so in my last post I stated that I just put in a second order with  A few weeks ago, I ordered one of the new High Shine Eye Colors.  I already knew that I would love it, but I wanted to test it out before I went crazy and ordered all of the colors.  My first HSEC (that would be High Shine Eye Color) was Frost, a shiny silver.  Let me just tell you, these are definitely high shine.  I can’t believe how shiny they are.  When they say shine, they mean just that.  It’s not a bunch of shimmer or glimmer…it’s just shine.  The best way to describe it is to compare it to the foiling technique that all Bare Escentuals and Bare Minerals girls know and love.  Except here, you don’t have to worry about dipping your brush in water.  And oh my God, the pigment in this shadow!  Even though this is a powder, when applied it looks like a cream. 

A unique aspect about these High Shine Eye Colors with regards to other eye colors from Bare Escentuals is the fact that they come in a tube with a sponge tip applicator attached to the cap.  This is not the normal “swirl, tap, buff” type of eye shadow that BE is known for.  I like this as it makes them perfect as an on-the-go eye color.  As much as I love Bare Minerals, I don’t have a pot of eye shadow from BE in my purse due to the fact that I don’t want to be lugging around a BE brush as well.  The HSEC are $16 each.

Okay, so here’s the awesome thing. is offering customizable gift sets.   Essentially, you get to pick 3 items that come with a case for $39.  For the Bare Escentuals Customizable Eye Case With Mini Mirror, you get to select 3 eye colors or eye liners.  Best part, the new High Shine Eye Colors can be selected in this kit!  3 HSEC purchased individually would cost $48.  So obviously, $39 is a savings.  But…If you order tonight and use the 20% GLAMOUR coupon code you will save an additional $7.80 making the Customizable Eye Case $31.20!  That’s less than what the cost of just 2 HSEC would cost separately.

Of course, you could select any 3 eye shadows or liners that you would like.  You don’t have to pick 3 High Shine Eye Colors.  You can mix and match with other items as well.

I think this is a great idea from the Bare Minerals people.  Being allowed to customize your own kit is great.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve found tons of pre-made kits that I love, but having the opportunity to pick your own colors is fabulous.

Oh, to the right is a swatch of the Bare Escentuals High Shine Eye Color in Frost.  It’s from my iPhone, but it doesn’t look too bad.  Since it’s from my phone there is no flash.  I think the picture does the eye color some justice.  You can see that the eye color lives up to the name High Shine!  It really is a nice shade and I’m glad that it was the first one I picked up.  In my Customizable Kit, I selected Moonshine, Electric, and Patina.  I’ll be sure to swatch them once they are delivered.

What do you think of BE’s new Customizable Kits?  Will you be picking one up?  How about the High Shine Eye Colors?  Cool or not so much?


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