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Smashbox Studio To Go Limited Edition Mega Palette

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 18, 2010

***EDITED TO ADD***  This palette is now on 2 Easy Pays!

A few weeks ago I posted about some of Smashbox Holiday 2010 kits, including the Smashbox Eye Wish Palette.  Judging by the amount of visitors that have found their way to this blog as a result of searching for the Eye Wish Palette it is clearly a palette that is getting a lot of peoples’ attention.  Well, if you like the Eye Wish Palette, you are going to love the Smashbox Studio To Go Limited Edition Mega Palette.  The Mega Palette is a new palette making an appearance to celebrate the 12th Anniversary of Smashbox Cosmetics on QVC.

The Smashbox Studio To Go Limited Edition Mega Palette goes beyond the Eye Wish Palette in that it isn’t just a palette about the eyes.  The Mega Palette has almost everything you would need to create a whole look.  It’s packed with 64 eye shadows, 8 cream eye liners, 6 brow powders and brow wax, 8 lip glosses, 2 blushes, 3 highlighters, and 4 brushes for application.

Now, compared to the Eye Wish Palette, the pan sizes of the Mega Palette are smaller.  But you get a ton more shades with the Mega Palette than you do with the Eye Wish Palette.  Of course, a lot of the shades offered in the Mega Palette are neutral nudes and beiges.  If you are on beige and nude overload then this might be a no-go for you.

Unlike the Eye Wish Palette, I like the fact that the Mega Palette contains most of the things you would need to create a complete look.  I say most because things like concealer, foundation, and mascara are missing.

I love that brow color and brow wax are included in the Mega Palette.  I use Smashbox Brow Tech for my brows every time I apply make-up.  I don’t have thinning brows or anything like that, but it’s amazing what a difference using brow color/wax has on your entire look.  It really does just kind of give you a more pulled together look.

The Smashbox Eye Wish Palette is priced at $45.  The Smashbox Studio To Go Limited Edition Mega Palette is Anniversary Priced at $48.76 (down from $59).  So with the Anniversary Pricing, the prices of the two palettes are pretty close. 

Ultimately, I think that both palettes are great palettes.  It all comes down to what you’re looking for.  If you’re all about the eyes and love the shades in the Eye Wish Palette and want the bigger pans of shadow, then Eye Wish is for you.  If you’re looking for a palette to create a complete look and like the option of having a wide range of colors to choose from then the Mega Palette is for you.  And either one of these palettes would make a great Christmas gift for any Smashbox girl!

What do you guys think?  Are you all about the Eye Wish Palette or all about the Mega Palette?


2 Responses to “Smashbox Studio To Go Limited Edition Mega Palette”

  1. mari said

    Hello. What sizes of this box? Width, a thickness and height?

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