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LORAC All That Glitters Limited Edition Sparkle Eye Pencil Shadow Liner Collection

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 20, 2010

While out and about today I decided to take an unplanned trip to Ulta.  They didn’t have all of the holiday collections out, but they did have quite a few.  I did end up going home with a holiday palette which I’ll be posting about soon.  But there was also an item that I didn’t buy that I’m now regretting.  That would be the LORAC All That Glitters Limited Edition Sparkle Eye Pencil Shadow Liner Collection.  It’s an Ulta exclusive and I’m already thinking about making my way to Ulta to get it.

The LORAC All That Glitters set features 5 of their glitter eye shadow / liner pencils in Cobalt Sky (Navy Blue), Sapphire Shimmer (Purple), Gunmetal Glitz (Charcoal Grey), Midnight Sparkle (Black), and Paparazzi Pencil (Brown).  It is priced at $19!  That is a huge steal.  These are smaller pencils compared to the regular sized individual pencils LORAC offers, but they are by no means mini.  They are a good size.  The full-sized pencils are $18 so the $19 price tag truly is a deal.

I played around with all of the shades in this set and loved them all.  They are all on the darker side.  No bright colors here.  There is also a good amount of shimmer glitter in these pencils.

Like I said, I’m already wanting to go back and pick the All That Glitters collection up.  Why, why did I have to have the will power to say just one item???  There is no doubt in my mind that All That Glitters will eventually find its rightful spot in my beauty collection!  Once it has arrived, I will post swatches.  Let me just tell you, I’m so loving the LORAC Holiday 2010 collection!

As I said, All That Glitters is an Ulta exclusive.  It’s available in Ulta stores as well as

Are you a fan of LORAC?  Will you be picking up the All That Glitters set?


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