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Philosophy Toasty Treats Hot Cocoa Gel & Smores Lip Shine Duo

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 23, 2010

Let me just tell you, I am on a quest.  A quest to try and keep up with posting all of the Holiday 2010 pieces from Philosophy.  It is quite a daunting challenge as everytime I turn around there is yet another new product.  I posted yesterday that QVC is having a weekend dedicated to gift giving this weekend.  I haven’t picked up any beauty products yet, but I did pick up the Hot Pick of 5 flashlights.  (Side story – Our flashlight is ridiculous.  It’s a Little Tikes flashlight that looks like Frankenstein and actually makes a monster noise as Frankenstein opens his mouth to let the light out.  Crazyness, I know!)  Philosophy has a number of shows and a number of holiday items.  One that caught my eye was the Philosophy Toasty Treats Hot Cocoa Gel & Smores Lip Shine Duo.

The Toasty Treats Duo features a 24 oz. bottle of Hot Cocoa shower gel and a Smores Lip Shine.  It also comes with a gift bag for easy gift giving.  What chocolate addict wouldn’t love to pamper herself with chocolate scented goodness? 

The reason the Toasty Treats Duo really caught my eye was because of its price.  It’s Feature Priced at $23.64.  I think this is a pretty great value given that just a 16 oz. sized bottle of Philosophy gel is normally priced at $16 and the Lip Shines are normally priced at $10 (total of $26).  So for less money you’re getting more product with this set.  I know there are tons of girls out there that love the Hot Cocoa 3-in-1 so this may be a set you would be interested in getting.  On this rainy, overcast Chicago morning, I could totally go for some hot chocolate!

Do you love Philosophy’s Hot Cocoa gel?  Can’t stand bathing with food scents?  Let us know!


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