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Holiday 2010 Eye Palette – NARS vs. Dior

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 26, 2010

All week I’ve been planning a post declaring my love for the new Dior Holiday Collection Makeup Palette For The Eyes.  And then last night I came across the new NARS 2010 Holiday Collection and was surprised to see that their new Holiday 2010 Trio Eye Shadow in Okinawa was strikingly similar to the Dior palette.  So I thought we should do a side by side comparison of the two.

As part of their Holiday 2010 Collection, Dior has released Holiday Collection Makeup Palette For The Eyes.  Similar in format to past seasons’ palettes for the eyes, this season’s Palette For The Eyes features 4 iridescent eyeshadows packaged in a simple black compact with stylish quilted stitching.  Colors include shades of midnight blue, gunmetal silver, and white.  Each shadow pan is 0.06 oz (for a total of 0.24 oz).  It’s priced at $44.

For the NARS Holiday 2010 Collection, they have released a Trio Eye Shadow in Okinawa.  Okinawa features bold, pigmented shadows in silver, deep cobalt blue, and black onyx.  It is housed in NARS’ signature black eye shadow compact with a mini mirror.  The total weight on NARS Trio Eye Shadow is 0.17 oz.  It’s priced at $45.

As you can see, both of the palettes from Dior and NARS offer similar shades.  Both can create a beautiful smoky eye.  Both palettes are from prestigious brands and made of quality ingredients.  But there are some differences.

If you’re looking for something with some sparkle or shimmer (and who isn’t during the holiday season), Dior is the way to go.  The iridescent shadows give a sophisticaed shimmer and glow to your look.  NARS, on the other hand, has more of a matte finish.  Definitely not as shimmery, the finish is more flat.  Mind you, it’s not a total matte finish, it’s just not as shimmery as Dior.

Unlike the NARS palette, the Dior palette includes a highlighter.  While the silver shade in the NARS Okinawa palette can certainly be used as a highlighter, I like that the Dior palette offers a highlighter in addition to a silver shade.  I also like the fact that the highlighter in the Dior palette is a white shade.  Silver is beautiful, but a white highlighter has a more substantial impact.

Finally, let’s look at the price.  The NARS Trio Eye Shadow in Okinawa is priced at $45 for 0.17 oz. of product while the Dior Holiday Collection Makeup Palette For The Eyes is priced at $44 for 0.24 oz. of product.  Not only is the Dior palette cheaper, you also get more product.

Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either the NARS or the Dior palettes.  Both palettes contain similarshades, high quality products, and come from prestigious brands.  I’m sure NARS loyalists will stick with the NARS palette and Dior loyalists will stick with the Dior palette.

Personally, I would have to go with the Dior palette.  I absolutely love Dior’s eye shadows (minus their price).  They offer the perfect amount of shimmer so that they look sophisticated and not cheap.  And the price is right on this palette.  Normally, individual pans of Dior eye shadow (0.07 oz.) are priced at $28 a piece.  So the $44 price tag on this palette really is a deal.

What do you think?  Would you pick the NARS palette or the Dior palette?  Or do you dislike both of them?


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