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$15 Stila Artist’s Inspiration Palette

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on October 27, 2010

A few days ago, I spied this $15 Stila Artist’s Inspiration Palette on while looking to see if there was anything else I “needed” during the Friends & Family Sale.  It was like it was a secret deal because it wasn’t listed with the other palettes and what not on the Stila page on  Instead, it only popped up when I searched for “Stila” and then sorted by price.  I was waiting until today to put my order in, thinking that there may be a new weekly deal that would intrest me.  Suprise!  The Stila Artist’s Inspiration Palette is the new weekly deal!

The Stila Artist’s Inspiration Palette is a palette that features six eye shadows inspired by pop art designs.  The shades featured include Fluorescent Green, Ebony, Electric Pink, Golightly, Dapple, and Kitten.  There are a few bright, bold, and fun shades coupled with a few neutral shades.  And of course, Kitten is there.  Seriously, how many Stila palettes include Kitten???

I’m really excited to get my hands on this new palette as I’m curious as to how these shades are going to get along together.  They all look amazing, but at the moment I’m having trouble wrapping my head around how to combine them.

Don’t forget, the Sephora Friends & Family Sale is still going on.  So use coupon / promo code FF2010 and save 20% making this palette only $12.

I am loving these affordable palettes that Stila keeps gracing us with.  Bravo to Stila for recognizing that, especially in this economy, beauty addicts still want to be able to pick up some goodies without having to shell out a ton of cash.

What do you think of the Stila Artist’s Inspiration Palette?  Will you be picking it up?


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