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Bobbi Brown Downtown Beauty 6-piece Color Collection Semi-Deal

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on November 1, 2010

I’ve said many times in the past that while I love Bobbi Brown cosmetics, I hate the prices. Even though the products are usually high quality items, forking over that much money is painful and not always feasible. It’s even worse when a new collection full of pretty products comes out and of course you don’t want just one item, you want 5.

Luckily, every now and then, QVC puts Bobbi Brown items on Easy Pay.  Then all I have to bitch about is the cost of shipping.  But wait!  On the rarest of occassions, QVC puts Bobbi Brown items on Easy Pay and then throws free shipping in too.  Still not good enough?  Did I mention that every now and then, QVC puts Bobbi Brown items on Feature Pricing?  Tonight is one of those every now and then nights.

The Bobbi Brown Downtown Beauty 6-piece Color Collection doesn’t feature 6 individual products.  It features 2 palettes in addition to 4 individual products.  You receive a 0.25 oz five-well eye shadow palette with mirror and Ivory (creamy white); metallic Heather Lilac (gray violet with pearl flecks); Bronze Shimmer Wash (bronzed brown); Heather (medium gray violet); Black Plum (dark brown plum), a 0.15 oz five-well lip palette with mirror and lip sheer in Peony (bright pink); creamy lip color in Bronzed Pink (shimmering bronze/pink); lip color in Brown (medium pink brown); creamy lip color in Pink Sequence (silvery pink); metallic lip color in Ruby (soft ruby pearl), a 0.1 oz jar of long wear gel eyeliner in Caviar (deep black brown), a 0.14 fl oz vial of sheer lip gloss in Popsicle (light pink), a 0.14 oz compact of blush in Washed Rose Shimmer (warm rose), a dual-ended eye shadow brush, an ultra fine eyeliner mini brush with cap, a lip brush, and a tip card.

The whole collection is Feature Priced at $92.76 with an original QVC price of $102.00.  It is also on 4 Easy Pays of $23.19 plus tax.  And of course, don’t forget about the free shipping.  This deal is only good today, November 1st.

If you ask me, this is a pretty great deal for Bobbi Brown make-up.  Just over $23 a month for 6 items including 2 palettes???  Crazyness.  Great collection to introduce yourself to the Bobbi Brown line if the price has kept you away in the past.

I am the only one who feels better about spending larger amounts of money on make-up when they are spread out?


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