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Some More Wet N Wild Holiday 2010 Info

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on November 4, 2010

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If you haven’t heard, the Wet N Wild Holiday 2010 Pixie Palettes have been spotted at numerous Walgreens.  I personally spotted some today while I ran to pick up some cold meds.  But the display wasn’t where I thought it was going to be.  When I first found the Wet N Wild Holiday Palettes at Jewel, they were in the traditional on a shelf kind of display.  Not so at the Walgreens I was at today.  Nope, at Walgreens, I found the Wet N Wild Holiday Collection hanging on the side of an end cap.  So if you’ve only been looking on the shelves towards the front of the Walgreens beauty section and have been coming up empty-handed, check the sides of the end caps.

Not only did I find the Wet N Wild Holiday Pixie Palettes at Walgreens.  I also found some Wet N Wild Bonus Packages that were released for the holidays.  There were 3 bonus packs of which, I ended up taking 2 of them home.  The bonus packs feature Wet N Wild Mega Length Mascara and a Coloricon eye shadow single, Wet N Wild Mega Volume Mascara and a Coloricon eye shadow single, and another type of Wet N Wild mascara and an eyeliner (I didn’t get this last bonus pack and misplaced the piece of paper I wrote the info on).  These bonus packs are valued at $5, but are priced at $2.99!  Even better, they are included in the 50% off sale so that makes then $1.50 during the sale!  Note that these weren’t marked as half off, at least at the Walgreens I was at, but they do ring up half off.  I haven’t tried the mascaras yet, but I will obviously post a review once I do.  The Wet N Wild Holiday display also contained sparkly nail polishes that came with a free top coat for $1.99 and were also part of the half off sale.  Not being a fan of nail polish, I can’t give you too much info on those.


2 Responses to “Some More Wet N Wild Holiday 2010 Info”

  1. c said

    ooh i feel sooo stupid. There is a spot exactly like that in my walgreens, and i never looked there. And now in that spot is the new w’n’w stuff (I purchased some of that) so now I will never know if the palettes were there…oh well, at least I can hold out for the 8 pan palettes

    • C,

      So sorry that you missed it. I know a lot of people did. I just posted my review for the new Coloricon Trios and I said in there that I actually missed the new displays at first! I was actually at a Walgreens this past week that still had a few of the Holiday palettes. They used this same display so I’m sure a lot of people didn’t notice it!

      Have you tried any of the new stuff you picked up yet? I would love to hear your thoughts on them. I’m dying for the 8 pan palettes to start popping up around here!

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