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Stila Adventurous In Aspen Travel Palette Sephora Exclusive

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on December 2, 2010

How the hell did I miss this yesterday when I put my order in at Sephora???  If you thought the Stila Travel Palettes were done with Fabulous In Fiji you were so wrong.  There is a brand spanking new Stila Travel Palette available exclusively at Sephora.

Adventurous In Aspen features four eye shadows in Snow Angel (shimmering heather gray), Icicles (blue), Glisten (shimmering gold), and Ajax (black with gold sparkle) and a Convertible Color in Rosy (rose-pink). 

Oh my God…I want this palette right now!  This, by far, looks like the best of all of the Travel Palettes that Stila has released.  I am loving all of the colors and love the fact that this palette is all about shimmer and sparkle.  I haven’t even picked this up yet and already I am thinking about picking up two just to have a back-up.

I’m glad to see that Stila realized just how much we love these Travel Palettes and hope they will continue to release even more.  The funny thing is that on the Adventurous In Aspen product page on Sephora it states “‘Adventurous in Aspen’ is part of a five-part series of limited-edition palettes including: ‘Road to Radiance,’ ‘Pretty in Paris,’ ‘Make an Impression in Moscow,’ and ‘Fabulous in Fiji.'”  Really, this is the sixth palette from that series.  What about “Trendsetting In Tokyo”, Sephora???

Adventurous In Aspen is exclusive to  Like the rest of the Stila Travel Palettes, it is priced at $10.  It’s also a limited edition.

Will you be picking up Adventurous In Aspen?  Which of the Stila Travel Palettes has been your favorite?


2 Responses to “Stila Adventurous In Aspen Travel Palette Sephora Exclusive”

  1. jackie said

    I’m really liking this palette too. The colors are really pretty and have a winter theme to them. I think I may just end up getting this palette…My favorite travel palettes so far are ‘Pretty in Paris’ and ‘Make an Impression in Moscow.’

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