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Bare Minerals Gold Rush 4-Piece Eye Color Collection

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on December 8, 2010

I had grand plans for the blog today.  I had a ton of swatching planned as well as some new product highlights.  All of that got tossed out the window when I woke up and saw that I had a flat tire.  I just got back from spending four, yes, FOUR hours at Pep Boys getting ONE new tire.  All I kept thinking was, “how long would it have taken if I needed to get four tires instead of just the one?”    I’m also going to the Blackhawks game tonight, so my time to blog today is not extremely limited.  Sorry!  I promise, the rest of this week will be full of new posts!

Anyways, remember I posted earlier this week that there were a few new products from Bare Escentuals that have popped up on QVC?  Well, another one of the new products Leslie brought to QVC on her latest visit is the Bare Minerals Gold Rush 4-Piece Eye Color Collection With Brush.  Gold Rush features 3 .01 oz eye colors in White Gold (a golden pearl glimmer), Rose Gold (a golden rose glimmer), and Aztec Gold (a burnished gold glimmer), a .01 oz liner shadow in Black Gold (a golden onyx glimmer), and a mini shadow brush all housed in a Gold Bar gift box.

The price on the Gold Rush set is phenomenal.  Not only is it Featured Priced at $19.97 but is also on buy more, save more.  That means that for each additional Gold Rush that you purchase after your first one, you save $4 on each.  That means you could stock up on Christmas gifts for friends for only $15.97!  That is a steal.

Now I know that I have been pretty anti-neutral and anti-beigey shades.  But let me just tell you, I had to get this Gold Rush kit.  The price is amazing and the colors look beautiful too.

The $19.97 price is apparently only good thru tonight, which I think is Leslie’s last Bare Minerals presentation for this visit.  No idea if the buy more, save more deal is only thru tonight too.  I have a feeling that this kit has the risk of selling out.  Seriously, gorgeous colors, amazing price, buy more save more?  Bare Escentuals girls will be stocking up!

What do you think of the Bare Minerals Gold Rush Collection?  Will you be picking up more than one for gifts?


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