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Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on December 13, 2010

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So, so, so sorry that I just found out about this now.  Sephora seems to be getting worse and worse about announcing new coupon codes and promos.  I actually found out about this one on a money-saving site.  That’s right, a money-saving site, not a beauty site…go figure.  Anyways, use coupon / promo code UPS2DAY to receive free 2-day shipping on any order from  You must select 2-day shipping first and then go and enter the coupon code for this to work.  Now I’m glad that I waited to use the gift card that Sephora sent out to most of its customers!  No clue as to how long this coupon will be good for.  It may be today only or it may be for a week.  Sorry about the lack of info.  And Sephora, if you are reading this, how can you expect people to want to shop and take advantage of great deals if they don’t know about them?!?!

Oh, and not to be an enabler, but if you were thinking about picking up the Adventurous In Aspen Stila Travel Palette that is exclusive to Sephora this is a great opportunity to get it with free shipping.  And hey, if you would rather have to pick out $40 worth of other items just to get free shipping any other time that’s okay.  No judgment here!  🙂


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