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Clearance Sale At Ulta

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on December 28, 2010

Every year around this time, Ulta has a big in-store clearance.  There are savings of up to 80% (or so the big sign in the window claims).  Usually, these are pretty lack-luster in the sense that most of the items that they are clearancing out are brands that are lower than drugstore brands.  Of course, sometimes there are a few hidden treasures to be found.

I didn’t plan on hitting Ulta this past weekend, but made an unexpected run to Yankee Candle for their Semi-Annual Sale and Ulta just happens to be next door so I popped in.  Most of the clearance items in the front of Ulta were those God awful giant holiday make-up palettes that I wouldn’t even use on one of those Barbie Make Me Pretty heads that all of us growing up in the 1980s had.  But stashed away in the back of the store I found a few Bare Minerals Dynamic Duo sets.

The Dynamic Duo features 2 Bare Escentuals eyecolors in Take Me (a pale pink glimmer) and Wonder (a pale violet purple glimpse).  Even better, both are the larger .02 oz. size.  These are perfect for the upcoming Spring season, although I could wear purple and pink eye shadows any time of the year.

The BE Dynamic Duo is on sale for only $6.99.  An absolute steal for 2 full-sized Bare Escentuals eye shadows.  I love this…the sale tag on the front of the box states “Was $20,” but if you look at the original sales tag on the side of the box it says $15.  So who knows what the original price really was.  Not that I even care.  Like I said, all I needed to see was the $6.99 current price tag and I was sold.

Wonder (Wet, Dry) Take Me (Wet, Dry)

I posted the direct link to the Dynamic Duo page on  The bad thing is, it’s sold out online.  I hate that Ulta doesn’t put “Sold Out” or “Out Of Stock” directly on the product page.  It doesn’t tell you that an item is sold out until you try to put it in your cart.  I just added the link so that you can see a better picture of the Dynamic Duo.

Since this is a clearance item, I’m sure that stock is extremely limited.  I also saw some Stila sets that came in cans a la Barbie Loves Stila.  They were $19.99.  I can’t remember what was in the sets (never take you Sweetie with you make-up shopping).  Given the multitude of Stila deals lately, I was not in any need of any Stila so I didn’t spend a lot of time looking at them.

Have you been to the Ulta Clearance Sale?  Find anything good?  Let us know!


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