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Problems With Order

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on December 29, 2010

So who else placed orders with today, hoping to take advantage of their awesome sale?  Have you received shipping confirmation yet?  I placed my order this morning and still haven’t received shipping confirmation.  Word around the web is that a lot of products are sold out, even though it doesn’t state that on  People are reporting that they are getting their shipping confirmation to find that most of the items that they ordered have been cancelled due to them being out of stock.  Many are even reporting that the only item that was in stock in the order was the $5 bag that you had to buy to take advantage of the deal.  Words like “scam” are being tossed around.

I decided to give The Body Shop a call to see what was going on with my order.  I was shocked by what I learned.  Apparently, The Body Shop is using the very first computer system ever created to run their company.  I was informed by the operator that they don’t have a real-time inventory system and therefore won’t know whether the item you ordered is in stock until it is being packaged for shipment.  Um, what?  Is this really a large company with multiple outlets that cater to multiple countries?  So basically this woman couldn’t tell me whether or not the items I had ordered were in stock or not.  She just kept saying, “They may not be in stock when your order finally gets to the warehouse for shipment.”  How does that help me at all? 

To be fair, the woman that I spoke with was very nice and apologetic that she couldn’t give me more information.  I told her that I was well aware that she was not responsible for the computer system they were using and their lack of inventory control, but unfortunately she was going to have to take my criticism and make sure it got to who it needed to get to.  She assured me that she understood my frustration and would be sure to give detailed notes of my complaints to the proper person.  Whether or not that will happen is unknown.  I told her that she will receiving a bunch of calls from unhappy customers in the coming days as I’m sure there will be many pissed off customers when they find out that they will only be receiving the $5 bag and nothing else.

The Body Shop, get with the times!  Get a real-time inventory tracker.  When I place an order on other websites and an item ends up selling out before I check out, the computer tells me that!

Oh, and let me just tell you, I have seen multiple complaints that the Peach shower gel is one of the items that no one is receiving in their shipments due to it being out of stock. website still says that this item is in stock!  How is that even possible???  You know the item is out of stock and yet you allow your website to still take orders for it?

I’m curious to see what my shipping confirmation notice will have in store for me tomorrow.  If a majority of my order is no longer available, I will seriously question whether or not I will make another purchase from The Body Shop.

Anyone else have problems with their orders?  Have you received your shipping confirmation yet?  Please, let us know!


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