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New Items From Wet N Wild Cosmetics

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 5, 2011

 ***Update***  I have posted my review of the new Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios along with swatches here!

Look what I saw today at my local Jewel-Osco.  It’s the new Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios from Wet N Wild!  Oh my God, can we say must haves?  The colors are amazing!  I’m especially loving the jewel-toned shades.  There are 6 new Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios available:  I’m Getting Sunburned, I Got Good Jeans, I’m Feeling Retro, Silent Treatment, I Dream Of Greanie, and Spoiled Brat.  The names are just as fun as the colors.

Can you believe I walked out of the store empty-handed?  So here’s the deal, the MSRP for these Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios is $2.99 (just like the other Coloricon Trios).  At Jewel-Osco, they were on sale for 25% off or $2.24.  Not bad, but starting Sunday, January 9th, Wet N Wild will be on sale for 50% off at Walgreens.  Yes, praise the Lord Walgreens is having another half off Wet N Wild Cosmetics sale!  Woo-hoo!  So I’m hoping to pick all 6 Wet N Wild Coloricon Eye shadow Trios for about $9 come Sunday at Walgreens.  My wallet can’t argue with that price!  I can’t wait.  Hopefully my Walgreens will have them.

Wet N Wild has a bunch of new products in store for us in the coming weeks, including fabulous 8 pan palettes.  I, of course, will be scouring the stores to find them as they begin popping up.

Have you seen any of the new Wet N Wild products popping up at your local grocery and drugstores?  Have you picked anything new up yet?


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  1. […] me just tell you, I’m so excited about this post.  Last week, I posted a teaser post with the display of the new 2011 Wet N Wild Coloricon Shadow Trios.  In that post I also said that I walked out of the store empty handed because I knew Walgreens […]

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