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Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Lisa And Leslie Couture Lip Duo Review

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 6, 2011

As much of a Bare Escentuals and Buxom Lipgloss addict as I am, I never ordered the original Lisa and Leslie Buxom Lipglosses.  I had always heard a ton of raves about them, but at the time I just didn’t need more Buxom glosses in the light pink shades.  But recently I had been scrapping the bottom of my light and medium pink Buxom gloss tubes and figured it was time to re-stock.  It seems like most of the Buxom sets that I had picked up in the past year had darker colors so my lighter shade supply had really dwindled.  When I saw the new Buxom Lips Lisa And Leslie Couture Lip Duo I decided to take the plunge. I am so glad I did.  After playing around with them for a few weeks I finally have a review for you all complete with swatches!

The Buxom Lips Lisa And Leslie Couture Lip Duo features 2 full-sized Buxom lipglosses in Lisa Couture (a soft pink nude shimmer)  and Leslie Couture (a dreamy mauve glisten).  The glosses are named after BFFs Leslie Blodgett (CEO of Bare Minerals) and Lisa Robertson (QVC host).  What makes these couture is the fact that they are packed with shimmer, thus amping them up to couture status.

I absolutely love both the Lisa and Leslie shades.  Both are sheer, with a hint of color.  Applied to lips they give your lips the “your lips but better” look.  Given this, these shades should work with just about any skintone.

Leslie and Lisa In The Sun (Yikes! The zoom on the camera makes my hands look so old!)

Leslie and Lisa In Bathroom Lighting

Leslie and Lisa With The Camera Flash

Now, I have to be honest, if you look at the swatches on my hands, you can see the difference and color between Lisa and Leslie.  Leslie is darker while Lisa is lighter.  But when you apply these to your lips, there isn’t much of a difference in color.  There is a slight difference, but I don’t think anyone would notice if you wore Lisa and then 15 minutes later changed to Leslie, you know what I mean?  Some people might be put off by that if they are looking to have dramatically different shades of glosses in their collection.  Personally, I am definitely a fan of the lighter pink glosses and use them pretty much everyday so having 2 similar shades is a good thing.  Oh, and if you’re a big fan of Buxom, Leslie seems pretty similar to Gabby if you ask me, although Gabby is slightly darker.

Everything about the Lisa and Leslie Buxom glosses is the same as every other Buxom gloss.  They wear decently (about 4 hours or so while eating and drinking) and they have the Buxom tingle.

Overall, I absolutely love the Lisa and Leslie Couture Lip Duo.  The colors are great and make my lips absolutely gorgeous.  They are packed full of sparkle and shine while still coming off as elegant and adult like…no teeny-bopper glitter look here.  I would highly recommend these to anyone.

Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips Lisa And Leslie Couture Lip Duo is a limited edition set that is Customer Top Rated on QVC.  It’s priced at $26 with a retail value of $36.

Did you pick up the Buxom Lips Lisa And Leslie Couture Lip Duo during Bare Minerals visit to QVC in December?  What do you think?


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