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CVS Beauty Clearance

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 7, 2011

Sorry it’s been quiet around here today.  I have been doing some serious house cleaning that I have been putting off doing this week.  It’s almost time to take the Christmas decorations down which makes me really sad.  But I wanted to take a break to call your attention to some awesome CVS beauty clearance deals.

I’m sure all of the drugstore beauty divas already know that CVS has a mega beauty clearance around this time of year every year.  The amount of products that they mark down is mind-blowing.  Once again, CVS is having the mega beauty clearance this year.

Now, at first I was duped and thought that maybe the clearance hadn’t started yet.  I had run to my local CVS to pick up and birthday card and when I ran thru the beauty department I was surprised to see that nothing had a clearance sticker on it.  “Maybe they are starting the sale later this year?” I thought to myself.  The next day I was out doing errands and happened to stop at another CVS.  Lo-and-behold, tons and tons of 50% and 75% off clearance tags greeted me in the beauty department.  Apparently, my local CVS is lazy about putting clearance tags on the beauty products (I can understand.  I imagine it’s a daunting task.).  Even though they didn’t put the clearance tags on the items, a quick scan of the products on the coupon machine/price scanner proved that the items were indeed on clearance.

My best find has to be the L’Oreal HIP Eye Shadow Duos.  They were 75% and rang up $2.07.  I had a bunch of $2 coupons from a recent newspaper coupon insert so I ended up paying only $0.07 each plus tax!  Given the fact that I ended up loving the L’Oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliners, I was anxious to pick up the HIP Eye Shadow Duos (I’ll be featuring swatches during an upcoming Budget Beauty Monday).

There were so many different foundations, powders, lipglosses, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and so on marked down that it was budget beauty overload!  If you’re a fan of any of the drugstore brands you will definitely want to hit up your local CVS Pharmacy to see what beauty items they have marked down.

On a side note, I had a bunch of coupons for L’Oreal foundation.  This isn’t something I use and most of the shades that they had available at my store wouldn’t have suited me anyways.  But the coupons coupled with the clearance sale brought the foundation down to about $0.30!  Whenever I come across beauty steals like this, I try to pick up items to donate to local women’s shelters.  So many of these shelters receive donations like clothes to help women start over, but a lot of times the beauty donations are lacking.  I love having the ability to give beauty products to these women who are overcoming abuse, addiction, loss, etc.  I know how much better I feel with a little make-up and I know these women feel the same way.  Just a suggestion for all of my fellow beauty addicts out there.

Have you hit up the CVS mega beauty clearance sale yet?  What did you haul?


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