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Budget Beauty Monday – New 2011 Wet N Wild Coloricon Shadow Trios Review And Swatches

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 10, 2011

It’s Monday…time for Budget Beauty Monday!!! Let’s face it. After the weekend we usually end up feeling like we ate too much, drank too much, spent too much, and didn’t do enough around the house. So I figure Monday on should feature budget beauty products that won’t break the bank so you won’t feel bad about wanting to run out and get them.

Let me just tell you, I’m so excited about this post.  Last week, I posted a teaser post with the display of the new 2011 Wet N Wild Coloricon Shadow Trios.  In that post I also said that I walked out of the store empty-handed because I knew Walgreens was having a 50% off sale on Wet N Wild cosmetics that started Sunday, January 9th.  Obviously picking up the entire collection at half off was the practical thing to do.  I am so happy to report that my local Walgreens did in fact have the new 2011 Wet N Wild Collection in stock Sunday morning.  I picked up one of everything they had!  They didn’t have the 8 pan palettes yet and they were out of the mascara.  Everyone seems to be most excited about new Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios so I thought we should start with them.

New for 2011, Wet N Wild has introduced 6 new Coloricon Shadow Trios.  They include I Dream Of Greenie 331, I’m Feeling Retro 332, I Got Good Jeans 333, I’m getting Sunburned 334, Silent Treatment 335, and Spoiled Brat 336.  WNW has really covered a wide range of the color spectrum here.  There are fun, bright, and bold shades as well as neutral and safe shades.

The display states: “New, dynamic shades with 30% more pigment and pearl for ultra-impact color.”  Apparently, the new shadows feature a new and improved formula to make them even more pigmented and velvet-y than last years shadows.  That’s pretty amazing considering that last year’s shadows were pretty pigmented to begin with.

I Dream Of Greenie 331 & I'm Feeling Retro 332

I Got Good Jeans 333 & I'm Getting Sunburned 334

Silent Treatment 335 & Spoiled Brat 336

Like previous Wet N Wild Shadow Trios, each of these trios feature 3 complimentary shades of eye shadow.  Each is meant for either the browbone, crease, or eyelid.  Each pan of shadow is embossed with either “browbone,” “crease,” or “eyelid” making it easy to create a fantastic look for even the beauty novice.  Of course, it’s fun to ignore the suggestions and mix-and-match the shadows to create your own fun look.

I Dream Of Greenie 331 is a trio of vibrant greens.  The light green browbone color has a frosty shimmer effect while the crease and eyelid shades are bolder shades both with fine flecks of gold in them.

I Dream Of Greenie 331

I’m Feeling Retro 332 has the perfect name, in my opinion.  It features frosty white shimmer browbone shade, an iridescent-esque teal-blue crease shade, and an iridescent-esque shimmery pink/purple  eyelide shade.  I think I’m Feeling Retro is the perfect name for this trio because it makes me think back to the colors of the Wet N Wild Cosmetics of the 80s.  Of course, the make-up for Wet N Wild is a million times better now, but weren’t the colors of the 80s a lot of fun?

I'm Feeling Retro 332

I Got Good Jeans 333 features a metallic icy blue or gray (depending on the light you’re looking at it in) browbone shade, a shimmery navy blue crease color, and a semi-metallic shimmery gold shade.  I love the metallic finishes in this palette.  If you are a fan of the Stila Travel Girl Palettes, I Got Good Jeans is very similar to Adventurous In Aspen.  I loved Adventurous In Aspen, but I love I Got Good Jeans even more.   The Wet N Wild shadows are much more creamier than the Stila Travel Palettes shadows.

I Got Good Jeans 333

I’m Getting Sunburned 334 is one of the more low-key color trios of the bunch, but it’s definitely not boring.  It features a gorgeous pale pink shimmer browbone shade,  a semi-matte chocolate brown with subtle bronze sparkle crease color, and metallic copper/bronze shimmer lid shade.  I call the crease color a semi-matte because it has the slight appearance of a matte, but it is also infused with a little bit of sparkle so it’s not a full-on matte.  If you’re a fan of Clinique, for some reason this trio makes me think of Strawberry Fudge.  It’s been awhile since I used Strawberry Fudge so the colors may not be that close.  But I always loved the combo of pink and brown in the Strawberry Fudge duo and I’m Getting Sunburned is an amped up version of that.

I'm Getting Sunburned 334

Silent Treatment 335 is the other low-key trio of the bunch, but again, so not boring!  It features a shimmery light peach browbone shade, a semi-matte brown with sparkle crease color (similar to the crease color in I’m Getting Sunburned), and a shimmer taupe eyelid shade.  When the light catches these shades, oh my God, G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!!  There is no doubt in my mind that I will be reaching for this palette over and over again.  You’ll be able to wear this palette to work and keep on wearing it for a night out on the town.

Silent Treatment 335

Spoiled Brat 336 features a metallic silver browbone shade, a semi-matte black with subtle silver sparkle crease color, and a fuchsia eyelid shade.  I love the metallic silver shade in this palette.  I will be stealing it from this palette to use with others.  The fuchsia eyeslide shadow is one of the most true to fuchsia color I have ever seen.  It is a bold shade and will definitely get you noticed when you wear it.

Spoiled Brat

Overall, I am beyond in love with the new Wet N Wild Coloricon Eyeshadow Trios.  All of the shadows themselves apply like a dream; velvety in texture, no chalkiness, buildable, and blendable.  Every color is absolutely gorgeous.  The pictures of the swatches really do not do them justice.  I love that the wide range of colors provides something for everyone.

I described just about every shade as having shimmer or glitter or being metallic.  Don’t worry, these are sophisticated instances of shimmer, glitter, and metallic.  No big chunky flakes of glitter that will cause a ton of fall-out here. 

There may be one downside to these palettes for some.  I know a lot of people loved the Coloricon Palettes from last year because they featured 3 shimmery shades and 3 matte shades.  These palettes are all about the shimmer and not the matte.  If you were a matte fan, I’m sorry but you won’t find that here.

At $2.99 these are an absolute steal.  With Walgreens’ half off sale these are an absolute must have.  Seriously, $1.49 for each palette?  You NEED to pick up all six, especially at that price.  And let me just tell you, if you’re more of neutrals girl and are scared of the bolder shades, put that thought aside and get all six palettes.  At $1.49, allow yourself the opportunity to try something new and play with some color.  And the same goes to you color loving girls who usually poo-poo on neutral palettes.  Pick up these neutral palettes!

Oh, and while we’re on the subject of going out to buy these items.  My Walgreens had these displayed the same way they had their holiday collection displayed, on the side of an endcap.  The only thing is this time they were over by the skin care department and not directly across from the permanent Wet N Wild section.  Walgreens seems to be flooded with a lot of new products from a lot of brands.  The special displays seem to be spread out over more of the store as a result.  I actually missed the Wet N Wild display at first.  Other stores had the on the counter display as well.  So keep an eye out for both.

Did you hit up your Walgreens for the Wet N Wild Cosmetics 50% off sale?  Did they have the new  2011 items out yet?  What did you haul?  What are you lusting for?


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