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Half Way Thru The Beautiful You, Try Something New

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 21, 2011

We’re about half way thru The Beautiful You, Try Something New QVC event.  Have you done a lot of damage?  I’ve picked up the Mally 6-Piece Bulletproof Beauty Starter Kit, the Tarte Waterproof Amazonian Clay Calming Concealer, the Tarte Achiote Cheek Tint Lip Luster Duo, and the Tarte High Shine Lip Luster Duo with Lipsurgence Technology.  There are a few other items that I’m on the fence about.

I’m really excited about the Mally kit.  I’ve only tried a few of Mally’s products, but my Mom loves Mally and uses her stuff all of the time.  This 6-piece kit was a steal at $27.24 since you are getting a bunch of full-sized products.  You get the volumizing mascara in Black, the Evercolor Automatic waterproof liner in Onyx (black), an eye shadow compact with cream-to-powder shadow base and eye shadow in Shimmering Taupe, a High Shine liquid mini lipstick in Blossom (shimmering pink), the Cancellation concealer system with cream concealer and Eyelight setting powder (your choice of shade) and a double-ended concealer brush.  The looks that Mally created on the models using this kit were really nice.  I’ve never tried her eye shadow base so I’m definitely excited to give that a go.  Her mascara was also the QVC Customer Choice award winner for best mascara last year.

How exciting is Tarte lately?  They keep releasing more and more amazing new products.  I saw Maureen Kelly demonstration of their new Waterproof Amazonian Clay Calming Concealer this morning and knew immediately that I had to pick this up.  It looked so natural on the models and it covered any flaws that they had.  Maureen promises that this concealer will not settle into fine lines around the eyes or have that cakey build up that some concealers leave you with.  This was an advance order item that won’t be shipped out until the middle of February.  I will post my review complete with swatches then.

Last week when I was browsing and came across the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush, I also saw the new Tarte High Shine Lip Lusters.  I didn’t post about them right away because I had a feeling that they would be making an appearance on QVC today.  I was right!  And even better, they are available at an amazing price.  The Tarte High Shine Lip Luster Duos feature 2 of the new Lip Lusters for only $29.50!  Just one of these Lip Lusters is normally $24!  Even better is that all 6 shades are available.  Don’t you hate it when companies put together duos that consist of either colors that no one wants to buy so they try to push them out with great pricing or pair up one great shade with one crappy shade?  Here you get your choice of 3 duos:  Buff & Fever (Nude/Red), Adored & Glisten (Light Pink/Peach), and Frisky & Pouty (Bright Pink/Berry).  I picked up the Frisky & Pouty Duo.  Of course I will post a full review and swatches once they are delivered.  Oh!  And these duos are on buy more, save more.  So for each duo you pick up after your first one, you’ll get $4 off.

Even though I picked up the Lip Luster Duo, I couldn’t resist getting even more.  The presentation on the Tarte Achiote Cheek Tint Lip Luster Duo completely pulled me in.  Here you get a Lip Luster and a cute cheek tint, but it’s not the push-up tubes that we’re used to with Tarte’s cheek stains, it’s a compact.  The colors of both of these items looked so amazingly natural.  And then throw in free shipping and I was completely sold.  Here’s the thing, I think they may have screwed up with the graphics for this item because I don’t think it was supposed to have free shipping.  When I tried to order it online, a shipping charge kept popping up.  When I called the order in, the shipping charge was popping up.  I told them that I’m watching the presentation right now and it says free shipping right there on the screen.  They were extremely helpful and waved the shipping charge for me.  This kit was $28.93.  Again, steal considering the Lip Luster alone would be $24.  And, as usualy, I will post a full review and swatches when I get this order.

So that’s what I’ve picked up so far.  Have you done any damage?  Let us know!


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