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Sneak Peek – New Urban Decay Palettes

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on February 1, 2011

Get your butt over to Urban Decay’s Facebook page right now to get a glimpse of 3 new palettes they will be releasing soon (hopefully).  They have sneak peeks at the new Feminine, Dangerous, and Fun palettes.  Now, I need these like I need a hole in my head, but I totally want them.  I’m going to try and be reasonable by going thru my stash to see which of these shades I have, which I have multiples of, which I have and don’t use, etc. and then I’ll make my decision as to which of these palettes I should pick up.  No clue as to how much they’ll cost or when they’ll be available but I’ll post when I hear something.


One Response to “Sneak Peek – New Urban Decay Palettes”

  1. […] by anotherbeautyblogger on February 8, 2011 I have good news.  Remember the sneak peek Urban Decay gave us of 3 new palettes last week? They are now available for purchase on […]

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