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Welcome to! Whether you stumbled upon it via an internet search, heard about from a friend, or were bribed by my Mom to drop on by, I’m glad you’re here. My name is Suzanne, and I am a twenty-something year-old beauty-aholic. For the past “uh-hem” years, I have been filling my bathroom, bedroom, closets, kitchen, car, underneath the bed, and everywhere else I can find space with tons of beauty products, shoes, and clothes. You think I’m kidding, but sadly, I am not. Just ask my Sweetie, who was not afforded a single inch of space in our not one, but two closets or dresser in our master bedroom. He loves me so much that he accepted being banished to a guest room closet.

A few years ago, I had a beauty blog and loved it…and a lot of you did too!  But then life got in the way and about a year and a half ago I had no time to attend to it.  I even let me subscription to Cosmo lapse at that time!  I’ve missed my beloved beauty blog a lot since then and have finally gotten around to creating “another beauty blog.”  So I’m ready to tackle the beauty blogging world yet again; offering my outspoken thoughts on all things beauty.  And trust me when I say outspoken.  I will not have a beauty blog that sings the praises of every beauty product invented.  Nothing annoys me more than when someone does this.  I’ll offer my opinion be it good, bad, or indifferent.

My biggest beauty addiction is probably lip gloss.  I have so many different tubes of lip gloss that I don’t think I’ve ever finished one!  My least favorite beauty product is nail polish.  I’m a nail biter and not a fan of nail polish and all.  If I do use any, it is always clear.  So if you’re looking for a review on the latest and greatest nail polish shade, I’m sorry but you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Besides all things beauty, I’m also obsessed with sports (particularly the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Blackhawks), Diet Coke, and the Bravo network (I’m watching Top Chef as I type).  I’m extremely sarcastic, demanding at times, and love a good laugh.  I’m engaged to the love of my life (stop asking me when the big day is; I don’t know!) and we have two of the most adorable dogs ever…really, they are.

So that’s all about me.  Hopefully you’re not too put off and willing to stick around and read some of my thoughts.

I love talking with other beauty addicts.  If you want to drop me a line at anotherbeautyblogger at gmail dot com, feel free.


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  1. Hi, nice to meet you !

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