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Cargo Lights Of The World Holiday Palette 2010

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on November 4, 2010

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I went to Ulta and picked up a holiday palette.  That palette was the CARGO Lights Of The World palette.  I really had no intention of picking up this palette.  Not because I dislike CARGO, but because when I first saw pictures of it online I wasn’t overly impressed.  It didn’t scream “Come buy me now!” at me.  But after I saw Lights Of The World in person, I knew I had to take it home.

CARGO Lights Of The World palette is made up of 8 eye shadows and a blush/bronzer.  CARGO did not include names with the eye shadows, but instead chose to label the items from letters A to J.  I would describe the shades of shadow as white, beige, brown, olive, purple, green, gold, and blue.  The blush is a light pink and the bronzer is a coppery tan.  The products are housed in a rather large (I’m guessing about 8″ x 8″) black book-like palette.  There is a hidden magnetic closure that keeps the palette closed.  A mirror is not included in this palette.

Looking at pictures of palettes online can often be misleading.  Often times the palette is much smaller in real life compared to the pictures.  This is so not the case with this palette.  It is quite large.  Each eye shadow pan is 1.5″ wide while the blush/bronzer pan is 2.25″ wide.  Of course, the problem with a palette this large is how do your store it?  To me, it looks like it belongs on a bookcase!

Sorry about the crappy pictures. I had to hold the camera so far away to get all of the shades in there without any shadows!

The eye shadows themselves are good.  Not great, but good.  The darker shades are more pigmented than the lighter shades.  The beige shade seems to be the least pigmented.  I needed to add more than a couple of swipes on my lids to make it visible.  They are very buildable.  They could be a little creamier, but I wouldn’t classify these as chalky or dry.  There is also a subtle amount of shimmer in some of these shadows…mostly the jewel-toned shades.  If you are an anti-glitter girl, but still like shimmer, I think you will like what you see in these shadows.

Ultimately, I think this palette is a steal at $29.  You receive a ton of good product in a wide range of shades for little cost.  What’s not to love?  The bulkiness of the palette can be overlooked for the price.

Have you picked up the CARGO Lights Of The World Holiday Palette?  Will you be passing?


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