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Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara Review

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 18, 2010

***Pictures are coming!  I’m waiting for my Sweetie to come home and take some snapshots.  The auto-focus on my camera is focusing on my bangs instead of my eyes when I try to do a self portrait!  Come back to check out the photos.***

I am a BzzAgent.  For those of you who are unaware of BzzAgent it is a company that promotes word of mouth campaigns through everyday people like you and me.  If you are selected to be part of a given BzzAgent campaign, you’re usually sent a product to test out as well as a few coupons or samples to pass out to others to get the word out there about a new product.

Anyhoo, I was recently chosen to participate in the BzzAgent Covergirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara campaign.

From Covergirl:  “COVERGIRL LashBlast Fusion is the perfect fusion of LashBlast’s super-volumizing brush and a new buildable fiber-stretch lengthening formula that works together to thicken and extend the look of individual lashes.  So no more having to pick between lashes with volume or length.  And no more having to use two mascaras at once (enjoy that extra minute of me-time, ladies).”

Long story short, using Covergirl LashBlast Fusion mascara you’ll get both longer and thicker lashes.  Sounds great, right?  Who wouldn’t want longer and thicker lashes?

First, a little about the mascara and packaging.  I received LashBlast Fusion mascara in 860 Very Black.  I liked the packaging immediately.  The purple color is vibrant and happy.  Like the other Fusion mascaras, the LashBlast Fusion mascara is applied with a rubber bristled brush.  Covergirl states that the brush is an “oversized volumizing brush.”  The mascara itself is a “fiberstretching lengthening formula.”  So the brush is responsible for the volume and the mascara is responsible for the lengthening.  In order to show off the fancy-dancy brush, LashBlast Fusion comes with the brush outside of the mascara.

Now, a little background on my eyelashes.  While I was not blessed with naturally super-long luscious lashes, I don’t think my lashes are that bad.  They are definitely visible without mascara and I would say they are about medium length.

Now, let’s get on to applying and wearing the LashBlast Fusion mascara!  When I went to apply the mascara I will admit that the big, fat tube felt kind of clunky in my hand most likely due to the fact that my normal mascara (Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes) is not as wide.  After a few uses I was more used to it.  The mascara went on nice and smooth.  I applied multiple coats, but I couldn’t tell you how many.  I do not count coats, I simply just apply in rapid motion until it looks good.

When I finished applying I was happy with some of what I saw in the mirror.  My lashes were 100% clump free.  They were very defined, but they didn’t seem very volumized or lengthened.  What the hell?  Where were these lush and full lashes I was promised?  After trying LashBlast Fusion everyday for a few more days I think I may have determined what went wrong with the first application.  Like I said earlier, LashBlast Fusion comes packaged with the brush outside of the tube of mascara.  I think that the brush needs to suck up enough mascara before it is completely effective.  Of course, this is my assumption, but after the brush was in the tube for 24 hours it definitely left me with fuller, longer lashes.

Even though my lashes were longer and fuller, they weren’t “Oh My God” longer and fuller.  The mascara didn’t flake and lasted most of the day.  Given the fact that LashBlast Fusion didn’t provide super glamorous lashes, I wouldn’t recommend this as a special occasion or night-on-the-town mascara.  I would, however, recommend this as an everyday mascara.  It did make my lashes more noticeable without looking vampy.  It was completely clump free and flake free.  All of these attributes make it the perfect everyday mascara for everything from an office setting to running around doing errands.

A downside of LashBlast Fusion mascara is that it is NOT waterproof.  Let me just tell you, it isn’t even close to waterproof.  One of the days I was testing this mascara I jumped in the pool and when I popped back out of the water my Sweetie lovingly referred to me as Alice Cooper.  So, if you’re planning on taking a dip in the pool, lake, ocean, etc. I would rethink wearing LashBlast Fusion. 

To sum it up, I would definitely recommend Covergirl LashBlast Fusion mascara as an everyday budget mascara.  It does give you fuller, longer lashes that are clump and flake free, but it lacks the glamour that you would want for special occasions.  It’s not waterproof, so don’t jump in the pool!   Check out for even more information on LashBlast Fusion mascara as well as the whole line.

Disclaimer:  BzzAgent provided me a full size Covergirl LashBlast Fusion mascara for the purpose of this review as well as 5 $2 off coupons to pass out to others so that they could also try Covergirl LashBlast Fusion mascara.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are my own and have in no way been influenced by BzzAgent, Covergirl, or any other company or person.

Have you tried Covergirl LashBlast Fusion mascara?  Love it?  Hate it?  Leave a comment and let us know!


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Covergirl ShadowBlast and ShineBlast Review

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on June 6, 2010

I am a BzzAgent.  For those of you who are unaware of BzzAgent it is a company that promotes word of mouth campaigns through everyday people like you and me.  If you are selected to be part of a given BzzAgent campaign, you’re usually sent a product to test out as well as a few coupons or samples to pass out to others to get the word out there about a new product.

Anyhoo, I was recently chosen to participate in the BzzAgent Covergirl Blast campaign.  As I’m sure all of you beauty junkies know, Covergirl has recently come out with a new line of cosmetic products known as the Blast line.  Commercials and print ads featuring Drew Barrymore using the Blast line has been popping up everywhere.  BzzAgent sent me a full-sized sample of Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast in 825 Tempest Blue as well as Covergirl ShineBlast lipgloss in 840 Sparkler.  So what did I think of these two new products?

Let’s start with the Smoky ShadowBlast.  Let me begin by saying I was not too thrilled with the Tempest Blue shades.  The all-over base shadow is a bright sky blue, while the crease color was a darker, yet still bright and bold, blue.  Its 2010…who in their right mind would wear a smoky eye made up of shades that hit their peak in the 1980s?  Don’t get me wrong, I love blue shadow sometimes, but I’m not going to go overboard and use such a bright blue to make a smoky eye.  But this problem is easily fixed because ShadowBlast comes in 6 shade duos…most of them much more practical than the 1980s shock that I received. 

So what did I like about Smoky ShadowBlast?  First, I absolutely love the concept.  Covergirl has really tried to develop a product that makes a smoky eye easily achievable at home even for novice beauty aficionados.   Having an eye shadow stick that has two complementary shades on either end takes some of the guessing out of trying to pick shades that go together.  Second, this is the only eye shadow product I have seen that has two different types of “tips” on either end.    The “tip” for the all-over color side is broad and rounded off, while the “tip” for the crease color side is tapered up to a thinner, wider point.  Lastly, the product is very easy to use.  Simply swipe the all-over color all over your eye lids and then color the crease and the lash line with the crease color.  Easy-peasy.  I’ve included a video at the end of this post that the kind people at Covergirl put together showing you just how easy it is to use the Smoky ShadowBlast.

So what didn’t I like about Smoky ShadowBlast?  One of the biggest problems I see with this product is something that won’t affect its users until farther down the line.  Any beauty addict knows that the more you use an eye shadow stick, a blush stick, a lipstick, or anything in stick form the more the tip of the product is going to become rundown.  Think about how great lipstick looks when you first open it.  Eventually it gets worn down to a nub.  Smoky ShadowBlast is going to run into the same problem, and when it does, the crease color side is not going to be as functional.  The other problem I have with Smoky ShadowBlast is its staying power.  Unfortunately, this product did not last all day (by all day I mean 8am – 5pm).  A quick glance in the mirror at midday revealed much less eye shadow on my eyes than had been there when I first applied it.  Ultimately, I find that this tends to be the common problem with most drugstore brand cosmetics, so in that sense, Smoky ShadowBlast is not worse off than its general competition.  But if you’re a strict user of higher-end cosmetics it is something to note.

On to the ShineBlast!  Unfortunately, there is only one thing that I really liked about this lipgloss:  the ShineSculpt applicator.  ShineBlast comes with a sponge tip applicator (not a brush applicator), but it’s not the traditional sponge tip applicator.  The new (and trademarked) ShineSculpt applicator is a sponge tip that is tapered and made from a soft, flexible material allowing the tip to contour to your lips.  The ShineSculpt applicator is amazing.  You can truly feel that this is a special applicator when you’re running it across your lips.  Its ability to cover your lips in one swipe is amazing.  I know I sound like I’m getting overly excited about an applicator tip, but believe me, once you try it you’re going to be going “Oh my God this is what she was talking about!”  If only I could be as excited about the product the ShineSculpt applies.

When I first opened the box from BzzAgent and saw the ShineBlast in 840 Sparkler my eyes lit up.  The sight of this fun pink lipgloss, packed with shimmer and sparkle was right up my alley.  But once I put it on, my heart sank.  Unfortunately, this is one of the grittiest feeling lipglosses I have ever tried.  I will say it doesn’t feel that bad if you’re not rubbing your lips together, but whenever my lips did come together it felt very gritty.  Secondly, I did not see any shine on my lips from using this product.  Looking in the mirror, I could clearly see that I did have some kind of lip color on my lips, but the shine factor was not as high as I thought it would be…especially after looking at pictures of Drew Barrymore wearing ShineBlast with almost reflective looking lips.  Covergirl states that ShineBlast will give you “beautifully defined lips with 4X more noticeable shine.”  (The “4X more noticeable shine” is compared to bare lips.)  I totally agree with the “beautifully defined” claim.  My lips did look very nice and “defined;” I just don’t think they were that shiny.

The staying power of ShineBlast was average when compared to other drugstore cosmetic brands.  It took about 2 hours before I felt I would need to re-apply.  And those 2 hours consisted of me talking, chewing gum (and blowing bubbles of course), and drinking Diet Coke directly from a can.  Also, I give ShineBlast props for the fact that the gloss didn’t feel very tacky.  Truthfully, I am not one of those girls who hate tacky lipglosses (I like the tackiness feeling so that I know that I still have product on and I don’t have to run and look in a mirror to find out), but I know many beauty addicts do.

Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast retails for $7.99 and ShineBlast retails for $7.49.  Of course, you can almost always find a drugstore, grocery store, or super-center store that has a great sale on Covergirl products.  Couple a sale with a coupon (they are frequently popping up in the Sunday paper) and it’s a steal.

To sum it up, Smoky ShadowBlast is a fun and easy to use product that would allow even a make-up novice to create a much sought after smoky eye.  ShineBlast didn’t offer the shine I was really expecting, but it did make my lips look very nice.  I would definitely be willing to pick up the Smoky ShadowBlast; of course it wouldn’t be in Tempest Blue.  The Onyx Smoke seems to be calling my name!  And truthfully, I would even be willing to give the ShineBlast another try, also in another color.  The Fire shade looks great on Drew Barrymore…maybe it wouldn’t look half bad on me!

If you would like more information on Covergirl’s Blast line, check out their official website

Disclaimer:  BzzAgent provided me a full size Covergirl Smoky ShadowBlast and ShineBlast for the purpose of this review as well as 5 $2 off coupons to pass out to others so that they could also try Covergirl.  All of the opinions expressed in this review are my own and have in no way been influenced by BzzAgent, Covergirl, or any other company or person.

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