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Marc Jacobs Splash – Apple

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on June 8, 2010

As this blog proceeds you will find out that when it comes to fragrances I don’t tend to mix it up too much.  I have a few scents that I use that I have found completely work for me.  I like the way they smell and, not to sound conceited, I’m often asked by people in public, “What are you wearing?  It smells so good!”  The way I look at it, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.  But when Summertime rolls around, there is always a new fragrance I have to add to my rotation:  Marc Jacobs Splash.

For the past few Summers I have been using Marc Jacobs Splash – Cucumber.  It is just the most light and refreshing scent.  It is a crisp and clean scent with a “splash” of cucumber mixed in with subtle floral scents.  For me it just screams summer.  This year, Marc Jacobs Splash is available in three new scents:  Apple, Biscotti, and Pomegranate.  Apple was my immediate choice to replace my beloved Cucumber.

With notes of Apple Zest, Lemon And Grapefruit Combined With Rosemary, Jasmine, Magnolia, Coriander, Cardamom, this is not a child’s apple scented product.  You are not hit with an overwhelmingly sweet scent of apple.  As is typical with the Marc Jacobs Splash line, it is a perfectly subtle scent of apple mixed in with other citrus scents.  Not to keep repeating myself, but it’s a crisp, clean, and refreshingly light Summer scent.  Obviously, Marc Jacobs has perfected the splash concept.

While the Marc Jacobs Splash line is a little pricey ($68 a bottle!), you do get a huge (for a fragrance) 10 oz bottle that does seem to last for quite awhile.  I know I’ve seen complaints online that the Splash line doesn’t seem to last all day but I have to disagree.  Everytime I go to do laundry, I can still smell the scent of Cucumber Splash on my clothes in the laundry basket.  I think that sometimes people forget that your nose adjusts to the scent around you.  The longer you wear the same scent, the less you smell it.  But that doesn’t mean that those around you can’t!


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