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Budget Beauty Monday – Olay Ribbons Body Wash

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on September 13, 2010

It’s Monday…time for Budget Beauty Monday!!! Let’s face it. After the weekend we usually end up feeling like we ate too much, drank too much, spent too much, and didn’t do enough around the house. So I figure Monday on should feature budget beauty products that won’t break the bank so you won’t feel bad about wanting to run out and get them.

I’ll admit it.  I used to be a beauty snob.  Be it make-up, skin care, hair care, or body products, there was no room for drugstore brands in my bathroom.  But then the economy went to hell and I, like many others, started looking at my priorities differently.  Was it responsible to buy dozens of Philosophy 3-in-1s a month at $16 a pop?  Nope.  So I decided I would not be so quick to shun drugstore products and at least give them a try.  One of the first drugstore body products I tried was a variety of Olay Ribbons Body Wash.  I chose Olay based on the fact that just about every beauty publication out there is quick to say that Olay is just as good or better than a lot of more expensive products.  Oh my God, had I been missing out!

The Olay Ribbons Body Washes (all of them) have to be the most moisturizing body washes I have ever used.  The washes have intertwined “ribbons” of moisture rich products that leave your skin feeling oh so soft.  The washes feel very thick and luxurious.  The scents of these washes is extremely subtle so you are not drenched in the scent all day, which I personally love.  I hate when a body wash is over-powering and clashes with your perfume.  So not the case here.

Let me just tell you, ever since I started using the Olay Ribbons washes I haven’t need to “lotion up” as often as I used to.  And on those days when I’m running out the door and don’t have time to moisturize after showering it’s not a big deal.  The body wash is so moisturizing that I can afford to skip adding lotion after showering some days.

A word of warning, if you decide to pick up the Spa Exfoliating Ribbons variety know that it contains microbeads in the ribbons. They are great for exfoliating the dry, dead skin cells off of your body, but they also tend to stick to the shower walls. After a few days of using Spa Exfoliating Ribbons, my shower walls looked like some threw some blue confetti on them.  This doesn’t bother me, but if you are the compulsive cleaner type this may be a pet peeve for you. 

One of the best things about Olay Ribbons Body Wash is obviously the price, otherwise it wouldn’t be featured in Budget Beauty Monday!  I have found the price range for this product anywhere from $2.99 – $6.99, depending on which size you look at.   Olay is also a brand that is always going on sale.  Earlier this year, Walgreens had the smaller bottles (10 oz.) on sale for $1.99.  There was a coupon from the Sunday paper for a free Olay Quench lotion when you purchase any Olay body wash.  For $1.99 I received a 10 oz. Olay Ribbons Body Wash and a giant (at least twice the size of the body wash) Olay Quench body lotion!  Talk about a steal.  Local grocery stores (Jewel and Dominick’s for the Chicagoland area) are frequently having Proctor and Gamble deals where you receive $xx back when you spend $xx.  These promotions are another time to pick up Olay products at a steal of a price.

Oh, and did you know that there is almost always some type of Olay rebate going on?  The current Olay rebate is for $10 back when you spend $30. Even better, it’s not just for Olay products. Purchase $30 of any combination of Olay, Venus, Covergirl, Secret, or Pantene products to receive the $10 rebate.  If you are new to rebates, the $30 you must spend is BEFORE coupons.  Sign up with Club Olay to receive coupons in your inbox.

One last thing, while I said earlier in the post that buying tons of Philosophy 3-in-1s isn’t the responsible thing to do, I still buy some.  My point is that I’m more aware of what I’m spending my money on.  And just because I’m looking to include some bargain beauty products into my arsenal doesn’t mean that I’m going to settle for junk.

Are you a user of Olay Ribbons Body Wash?  Love it?  Hate it?  Want to run out and try it thanks to my awesome post?  Leave a comment!


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