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Benefit Cosmetics On HSN Today

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on February 16, 2011

While scrolling through the guide on my television this morning I noticed that Benefit Cosmetics has a show on HSN today at 10 am Central time.  I checked out the Benefit Cosmetics page on and found a couple of items that Benefit girls may be interested in.

First, the Benefit Perfect Pair Benetint and Hoola Bronzer. This duo features full-sized versions of Benetint and Hoola Box O’Powder for only $32! If you bought these items separately it would cost you $56.  I wish I needed Benetint because I’ve wanted to pick up Hoola and this is an amazing price for both items.  The problem is that I picked up a kit that had Benetint in it one of the last times Benefit was on HSN.

Second, the Benefit All You Need Is Gloss Set. This gloss set features 6 shimmering Benefit lip glosses for the event price of $16.95 (regular HSN price is $26). Shades include I’m with the band (golden pink shimmer), Almost Famous (copper penny), Life on the A list (bubble gum pink), Who are you Wearing? (passion fruit pink), Back to the Fuchsia (sparkling fuchsia), and 24k (sexy gold). I know that Benefit glosses have a cult following amongst some beauty addicts. If you fall into that category this would be a great time to pick these up at a fraction of the cost.

Even better, during Benefit’s visit to HSN, all Benefit Cosmetics products have $2.50 shipping.  Woo-hoo!  I wish QVC would take notice of the discounted shipping that HSN offers on their cosmetics products.

If you miss the 10 am show, Benefit Cosmetics will also be on HSN tomorrow, February 17th, at 2 am and 7 pm Central time.  Happy Shopping!


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Holy @#$! Beauty Clearance At JCPenney

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on February 15, 2011

***Update ***  Some have asked which fragrances of Korres I found.  They had large duos of body butter and shower gel in Basil Lemon and Jasmine.  There was also a Korres kit that had 5 fragrances of body butter and 5 matching shower gels in Basil Lemon, Jasmine, Guava, Fig, and Japanese Rose.  I believe the individual body butter in the Happy Holidays box was Japanese Rose, but it’s not in front of me at the moment so I can’t say for sure.  Hope this helps!

I have mentioned the unbelievable deals that I have been finding at my local JCPenney since the end of the holiday season. If you’ve missed them, my local JCP doesn’t have a permanent Sephora inside of it. During the holiday season, a small Sephora section popped up with some of the must have holiday kits that Sephora sells from Bare Escentuals, Korres, Stila, Tokidoki, Sephora, Kat Von D, and more. After Christmas, the items that they had left began to be marked down. A few weeks ago, I posted that the items that they had left were marked down to half off. I really didn’t think they would go lower than that. Let me just tell you, they went lower. They went unbelievably lower. They went holy @#$! lower!

I let out a noticable gasp when I saw that Korres kits that were $29 and $35 originally were marked $2.97!!!  An individual Korres Body Butter in a Happy Holidays box was $0.47!!!  The Tokidoki Robbery Palette that was $49 was marked $2.97!!!  The Bare Escentuals Shimmer & Shine kit that was $54 was marked $2.97!!!  I grabbed one of those black mesh shopping totes and started throwing stuff in as fast as I could!  The BE Shimmer & Shine kit had to have been a customer return because I haven’t seen one of these at this JCP since around Christmas.  Everything was still sealed.

I’m almost embarrassed to admit how much I bought.  Let me preface that by saying that my Mom works at a department store and my sister is a waitress.  They both like to give a little something to all of their co-workers for birthdays and Christmas and whatnot.  So 90% of what I picked up will be used for gifts.  I will also donate some items to a women’s domestic violence center.  With that being said, I picked up about 50 items that should have totaled $844.  My total was…drumroll, please…$69.12!!!  I wouldn’t have been able to pick up 2 of the larger Korres gift sets for that price!  Oh, I didn’t even clear the shelf.  There were still a bunch of products left.

I’ve said it a bunch of times before, but now you really have to listen to me, if your JCPenney doesn’t have a permanent Sephora in it but had a pop-up section during the holidays, run to it right now and see if they have any items left.

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30% Off Select Too Faced Lip Products

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on February 10, 2011

Now thru Wednesday, February 16th, save 30% on select lip products from during their Valentine’s Day Sale. If you’re a fan of certain shades of lip products from Too Faced, here’s your chance to stock up at a decent discount.  Too Faced Mirror Mirror gloss is a goodie, if I do say so myself.  Happy Shopping!

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Huge Boot Clearance At Kohl’s

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on February 8, 2011

If you are out and about and near a Kohl’s department store, I highly recommend running in and checking out the shoe section.  The 80% off winter clearance has begun!  I found soooooo many great pairs of boots for 80% off.  I picked up 2 pairs of $100 boots for only $20 each.  Some items were only 70% off.  If you’ve been eyeing some of the pricier Vera Wang and Dana Buchman boots they are also included in the clearance. 

They also had a number of the Sketchers Shape-Ups on clearance including ones that resembled Uggs.  I have a pair of Shape-Ups and can’t recommend them enough.  If you do a lot of walking, these shoes are a godsend.  This past holiday season I did a ton of baking.  Let me just tell you, standing on the hard kitchen floor for hours at a time kills my feet.  I wore the Shape-Ups this year and my feet didn’t hurt at all.  The Sketchers Shape-Ups boots were twenty something dollars.

You could check out, but they didn’t seem to have much selection-wise and what was available was mostly in smaller sizes.  My size 9 1/2 clown feet couldn’t find anything online.  If you’re a Kohl’s charge card holder you should have also received a trio of 15% off coupons in the mail recently.  The 15% off coupon brought the $20 price down to $17.  Happy Shopping!

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12 Hour Sale At

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 21, 2011

Have you been watching QVC’s The Beautiful You, Try Something New 24 hour beauty event?  I’ve already ordered a couple of items from Tarte.  I’m loving that they are offering free shipping on select products.  Let me just tell you, my wallet may be in trouble today because not only is QVC having their beauty bonanza, is having a 12 hour sale!  Starting at 9:00 am PST, save at least 30% on select items at  You can access the sale here.  There were a couple of kits that I had my eye on that I’m hoping will be included in this sale.  Happy Shopping!

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1 Year Subscription To Cosmo Magazine For $5

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 19, 2011

So if you took advantage of the amazing Amazon gift card deal that I posted about here, here is a great way to use part of it.

This is a hot deal.  Amazon is offering a 1 year subscription to Cosmo for only $5!!!  Seriously???  If you buy one issue of Cosmopolitan at the grocery store you’re spending like $4 plus tax.  Here you’re getting 12 issues for $5!  I love when Amazon runs deals like this.  Over the years I have picked up so many cheap magazine subscriptions from there.  Even if you’re just a casual reader of Cosmo this is an amazing deal.  You figure even if you only pick up 2 issues a year you’ll still be spending about $10 for those 2.

One year, Amazon actually did this same deal before Christmas.  I gave a subscription to all of my girlfriends and wrapped up the current issue from the newsstands to give them their gift.  That’s actually not a bad idea for a Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriends.  When I ordered this yesterday, it had said this offer was good until like January 25th or 29th, something like that.  Now it states this offer is good while supplies last.  I’m assuming Cosmo has only allowed for so many subscriptions to be sold at this price.

This offer IS GOOD for current subscribers looking to re-new their subscription as well.  And if you’re looking for something for the man in your life, Amazon is also offering a 1 year subscription to Maxim magazine for $5 too.

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JCPenney/Sephora Sweet Steals Sale

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 11, 2011

If you have a JCPenney that has a Sephora inside of it nearby you may be interested in hearing about their Sweet Steals Sale.  According to the JCP Facebook page, for a limited time, “save up to 50% on Sephora inside JCPenney’s exclusive Sweet Steals.”  The picture shows Oscar Blandi Lacca Hairspray for $11.50 (was $23), Buxom Lips in Carmen or Isabella for $9 (was $18), and Smashbox Bionic Mascara for $10 (was $19).  These deals are available in-store only.

Unfortunately, I my closest JCPenney doesn’t have a Sephora inside so I won’t be able to check out these deals.  Has anyone been to their Sephora inside JCPenney’s?  What were the other deals?

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CVS Beauty Clearance

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 7, 2011

Sorry it’s been quiet around here today.  I have been doing some serious house cleaning that I have been putting off doing this week.  It’s almost time to take the Christmas decorations down which makes me really sad.  But I wanted to take a break to call your attention to some awesome CVS beauty clearance deals.

I’m sure all of the drugstore beauty divas already know that CVS has a mega beauty clearance around this time of year every year.  The amount of products that they mark down is mind-blowing.  Once again, CVS is having the mega beauty clearance this year.

Now, at first I was duped and thought that maybe the clearance hadn’t started yet.  I had run to my local CVS to pick up and birthday card and when I ran thru the beauty department I was surprised to see that nothing had a clearance sticker on it.  “Maybe they are starting the sale later this year?” I thought to myself.  The next day I was out doing errands and happened to stop at another CVS.  Lo-and-behold, tons and tons of 50% and 75% off clearance tags greeted me in the beauty department.  Apparently, my local CVS is lazy about putting clearance tags on the beauty products (I can understand.  I imagine it’s a daunting task.).  Even though they didn’t put the clearance tags on the items, a quick scan of the products on the coupon machine/price scanner proved that the items were indeed on clearance.

My best find has to be the L’Oreal HIP Eye Shadow Duos.  They were 75% and rang up $2.07.  I had a bunch of $2 coupons from a recent newspaper coupon insert so I ended up paying only $0.07 each plus tax!  Given the fact that I ended up loving the L’Oreal HIP Color Chrome Eyeliners, I was anxious to pick up the HIP Eye Shadow Duos (I’ll be featuring swatches during an upcoming Budget Beauty Monday).

There were so many different foundations, powders, lipglosses, lipsticks, eye shadows, blushes, and so on marked down that it was budget beauty overload!  If you’re a fan of any of the drugstore brands you will definitely want to hit up your local CVS Pharmacy to see what beauty items they have marked down.

On a side note, I had a bunch of coupons for L’Oreal foundation.  This isn’t something I use and most of the shades that they had available at my store wouldn’t have suited me anyways.  But the coupons coupled with the clearance sale brought the foundation down to about $0.30!  Whenever I come across beauty steals like this, I try to pick up items to donate to local women’s shelters.  So many of these shelters receive donations like clothes to help women start over, but a lot of times the beauty donations are lacking.  I love having the ability to give beauty products to these women who are overcoming abuse, addiction, loss, etc.  I know how much better I feel with a little make-up and I know these women feel the same way.  Just a suggestion for all of my fellow beauty addicts out there.

Have you hit up the CVS mega beauty clearance sale yet?  What did you haul?

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Save Up To 70% On Select Benefit Products

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 5, 2011

Benefit Cosmetics LLC is having a sale on select items. Save up to 70% on items in their Buh-Buys section.  Nothing spectacular here, but there are a few pretty eye shadow shades I don’t have yet.  Many pretty pastels that will be perfect for the Spring season.  Use coupon / promo code PRETTY50 to receive free shipping on orders of $50 or more or use coupon / promo code PLAN2011 to receive a free Crescent Row 2011 Planner with orders of $85 or more.  Happy Shopping!

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QVC Today’s Special Value – Josie Maran Argan Oil 5-Piece Color Collection

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on January 3, 2011

The QVC Today’s Special Value for today, January 3rd 2010, is the Josie Maran Argan Oil 5-Piece Color Collection. For weeks I had been waiting for this Today’s Special Value.  QVC was a little more tight-lipped about this TSV than they have been about others in the past.  I knew what the Josie Maran TSV was going to be, but the final price was not made available nor was the option for pre-ordering weeks in advance.  Now that the day is finally here, I’m a tad bit disappointed.

First, let’s look at what is included in this kit.  You get a 1.7 fl oz organic argan oil with dropper, a 1.7 oz tinted moisturizer with SPF 30, a 0.19 oz full-coverage concealer, a 0.55 oz dual-purpose color stick in Pink Peony–shade exclusive to QVC until 1/3/2012, and a 0.12 fl oz Natural Volume lip gloss with brush applicator in Pink Peony–shade exclusive to QVC until 1/3/2012. The color choices for concealer/moisturizer are Fair (Creme); Light (Butter); Medium (Linen); or Tan (Desert)–shades exclusive to QVC until 4/15/2011.  (Note – I don’t know why the QVC website states that these colors are exclusive to QVC until April because I see that these shades are available at both Sephora and

Okay, so my biggest gripe about this Today’s Special Value doesn’t even have anything to do with the products themselves.  It has to do with the price and the lack of easy pay!  Seriously, QVC, how can this TSV not have at least 2 Easy Pays?  $70 in one payment seems pretty high to me, especially if you have other QVC beauty TSVs on auto-delivery that will be shipping and billing soon.  And then the price.  This Josie Maran TSV is Today’s Special Value priced at $58.34 (regular QVC price is $70 and retail value is $128).  Add in the $6.22 for shipping and then tax (for my area it’s probably between $5-$6) and your total for this TSV is around $70, with no Easy Pay!

Now, let’s get to the products.  I picked up the Josie Maran Love Nest kit from Sephora during the Friends & Family Sale.  Thru that kit I was able to try the Argan Oil and the Color Stick.  Loved them both.  But a little goes a long way with both of these products and as such I’m not in a dire need to pick up any more of either of these products for a while.

Who doesn’t love a tinted moisturizer.  For those days when you want to look semi-pulled together but don’t want to do a full beauty routine a tinted moisturizer is perfect.  I have played around with Josie’s Tinted Moisturizer in the past at Sephora.  First of all, these colors run dark.  I am usually a “medium” when it comes to most face products from most cosmetics companies.  Josie’s medium (shade name “Linen”) was too dark for me.  The light shade (“Butter”) was better, but it seemed just a tad too light for me.  I am concerned that these shade problem will also be problematic with regards to the concealer since the concealer comes in the same shades.

Also, with regards to the Tinted Moisturizer, I thought it felt a little thick and heavy.  Usually when you use tinted moisturizer you’re looking for something light and refreshing.  For me, this was just a little too thick.  Now, if the Tinted Moisturizer was available in an amazing shade for my skintone, I would totally be able to overlook the thickness of this formula.

One of the things that I do love about this Tinted Moisturizer is the fact that it contains 30 SPF sunscreen.  It amazes me how so many cosmetics either do not contain any SPF or contain minimal amounts.  I can only hope that Joise and her cosmetics team play around with this Tinted Moisturizer and perhaps offer more shades so that I can find one that is more appropriate for my skintone.

Shockingly, I have never tried a Josie Maran lip gloss.  I know, crazyness!  I have heard mixed reviews from a number of people.  Some claim it’s the greatest natural gloss they have tried.  Others say that the staying power in minimal.  I’ve heard a number of complaints about the applicators.  Some claim that the brush feathers out too much and goes outside of their lips.  Others say that the brush tip is too short and they are constantly scraping their lips with the plastic wand.

Overall, my concern is that I would want to return this kit because I don’t think the concealer is too promising for me and I just don’t need any more Argan Oil or Color Stick at the moment.  I’m trying to be good this new year and realize that I don’t need to hoard beauty products just because they are on sale.  I’m confident enough that Josie Maran Cosmetics will be on sale again in the future.  Hopefully right around the time that I need to replenish my Argan Oil.  But a note to QVC, had this TSV been featured on Easy Pay, I may have been persuaded to pick it up!

The Josie Maran Argan Oil 5-Piece Color Collection is available for $58.34 today only, while supplies last. Just a heads up, the Fair shade has already sold out. Light, Medium, and Tan are still available.

Are you a fan of Josie Maran Cosmetics?  Will you be picking up the Today’s Special Value?

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