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Kohl’s Cares Simply Vera Wang Breast Cancer Awareness Collection

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on September 15, 2010

Hey everyone.  I’ve got another Breast Cancer Awareness collection for you today.  While it’s not exactly a collection of beauty products, it is a Vera Wang collection!  Kohl’s Cares has teamed up with Vera Wang and her Kohl’s Simply Vera line to create a bunch of pretty pink products to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  100% of all the net profits will be donated to support the fight against Breast Cancer.  The best part…every item is either $5 or $10!  Thank God for that because I am eyeing multiple pieces from this collection.  The Simply Vera Breast Cancer Awareness collection features sequin and ribbon coin purses ($10), t-shirt and boy short duos ($10), sequin scarves ($10), sequin gloves ($5), sequin knit caps ($5), a necklace ($5), long sleeved shirts ($5), a mug ($5), and umbrellas ($5).  Here’s my only gripe.  At the top of the page, it states that these products are sold exclusively online at and at Kohl’s stores in Wisconsin.  Why only Wisconsin???  How unfair is that.


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Budget Beauty Monday – Sequin Ballet Flats

Posted by anotherbeautyblogger on August 9, 2010

It’s Monday…time for Budget Beauty Monday!!! Let’s face it. After the weekend we usually end up feeling like we ate too much, drank too much, spent too much, and didn’t do enough around the house. So I figure Monday on should feature budget beauty products that won’t break the bank so you won’t feel bad about wanting to run out and get them.

Today’s Budget Beauty Monday piece is a little different. I wanted to pass on a great deal I found. What’s better than budget beauty? Budget shoes!

Let me just tell you, I cannot wait for Fall to get here. I’m grateful to live in Chicago where we get to experience all four seasons (sometimes in the same day), but this summer seems to have been exceptionally harsh. We have never used the air conditioning as much as we have this summer. It has been so damn humid that my hair is desperately calling for Fall too.

What does this have to do with this post? As I’ve been perusing the upcoming Fall trends and lines I am ecstatic to see that sequins and sparkle and front and center. Be it a handbag, a sweater, a cotton shirt, or even shoes, sequins can be found on everything. Let me just tell you, I am a lover of all things sparkle. Not in the gaudy showgirl sense, but in the sophisticated, elegant sense. And that is definitely a trend I am seeing for this Fall.  Gone are the harsh giant sequins, sewn awkwardly onto the garment so that they stick out and are almost weapon-like.  The new sequined garments and accessories feature mini sequins that are sewn flat giving the item the perfect amount of shimmer and shine.

A few weeks ago, I was at Kohl’s and saw that they had just put out the new Vera Wang shoe line for the Fall. I immediately fell in love with the Olivier Flats, a pair of black sequined ballet flats.   The $54.99 price tag, not so much (they weren’t on sale yet).  I found myself thinking about the Vera Wang flats for the next few days.  Just as I convinced myself that $54.99 wasn’t really that much money and was about to go to Kohl’s to pick up the Olivier Flats fate intervened and I took a trip to Target.

Let me just tell you, I think I startled a woman in the shoe department when I let out a shriek when I saw the Mossimo Odell Sequin Ballet Flats.  They were the same color and same sequins as the Vera Wang Olivier Flats, but at $12.99 they were a steal.  In to the cart they went, I didn’t even give it a second thought.

Of course, there are some differences between the two pairs of shoes.  First of all, it’s a given that the Vera Wang shoes are most likely a better quality.  That being said, I still don’t think any sequined shoe is going to be of such a great quality that it would survive rain or snow.  At $12.99 I’m not going to worry if I’m out and the weather turns crappy where as at $54.99 I would take my shoes off and walk barefoot in the snow.  You know what I mean?  Second, as with almost every Vera Wang flat I have seen, the Olivier flats have the stretch sides where as the Mossimo shoes do not. 

If you are as excited about the sequin trend as I am, I highly recommend checking out the budget version of the Vera Wang Olivier Flats.  What sequined items have you come across that you’ve added to your wardrobe?  Please leave a comment and let us know!

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